[SBM] Cacti Bucket

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It's as simple as it gets, you can make a bucket out of cacti



  • Single green bucket

Supported Fluids

  • Minecraft Water
  • Plans for more...


Q: Can you add support for fluid XXXXX ?

A: Short answer no, I plan to wait until we have a shared lib for bucket support before continuing adding fluids. As its a pain to implement support for VoltzEngine, WoodenBuckets, and other fluids mods at the same time. While also ensuring each is separated to help making installation easier. 

Single Block Mod

This mod is part of the single block mods series which aims at creating simple high-quality mods. That serve to fill in the gaps and reduce the need for large mods for simple functions.

Other mods in series


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Issues or bugs

If you have any issues please report them to our issue tracker on Github.com. You can get to the issue tracker by clicking the issue button at the top of the mod page. If you do not see this button visit https://github.com/BuiltBrokenModding and navigate to the correct mod repository. If you have a crash report please paste it into a site like pastebin.com before submitting to improve readability of the issue ticket.


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