Seasons Addon for Faithful

Faithful Seasons


The Faithful Seasons - Addon implements Seasons in your Minecraft world! There are the Seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, which will change automatically every Minecraft day (Real Time: 20 Minutes). This Addon is made for the Faithful resourcepack for Minecraft 1.12. The textures of Plants, Leaves and Grass will change every Season. The official Faithful-resourcepack was made by xMrVizzy and can be downloaded here. The Faithful resourcepack can be described as a "double resolution texture pack that stays faithful to the original Minecraft textures" - Vattic.


Get more information on my website.



Spring (Faithful + Shader + Seasons Addon)



Summer (Faithful + Shader + Seasons-Addon)



Autumn (Faithful + Shader + Seasons-Addon)



Winter (Faithful + Shader + Seasons-Addon)


Cinematic Timelapse with Faithful Seasons:




  1. Download your preferred Version of the Faithful Seasons Addon.
  2. Download the Faithful Resourcepack by xMrVizzy (Click Here to Download.).
  3. Choose the Faithful Resourcepack as your Resourcepack in Minecraft.
  4. Put the Seasons Addon above the Faithful Resourcepack in Minecraft.
  5. Install Optifine/McPatcher. (For better Textures.) 


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