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    [1.10.2] SecurityCraft v1.8.2.3.jar
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    Jul 16, 2017
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8
  • Java 7


- New: Reinforced Blocks
- Stone Bricks (normal, mossy, cracked, chiseled) incl. stairs and slabs
- Mossy Cobblestone
- Bricks incl. stairs and slabs
- Nether Bricks incl. stairs and slabs
- Hardened Clay
- Stained Hardened Clay (1.12: Terracotta)
- New: Official SecurityCraft server tip
- Change: Heavily nerfed Codebreaker. It now has 5 uses and a 1 in 3 chance of failing
- Fix: Recipe for Reinforced Glass does not show up in the SecurityCraft Manual
- Fix: WAILA does not update the new owner of a door when changed with a Universal Owner Changer
- Fix: Both halves of a Scanner Door can have different owners
- Fix: Cage Trap can be escaped
- Fix: Taser can tase the player who shot
- Fix: Reinforced Doors can be opened by any SC block, not only the ones with the same owner as the door
- Fix: Descriptions do not translate to different languages in the SecuritCraft Manual
- Fix: [1.8+] Reinforced Iron Bars placed by Cage Traps have no owner
- Fix: [1.8+] Reinforced Iron Fence does not damage players
- Fix: [1.8+] Reinforcing Andesite/Granite/Diorite gives back a glitched block
- Fix: [1.8+] Players get kicked sometimes when using the Password-protected Furnace
- Fix: [1.10.2] Reinforced Doors cannot be opened
- Fix: [1.10.2+] Username Logger cannot be opened
- Fix: [1.10.2+] Reinforced Stairs are turned incorrectly when placed upside down
- Fix: [1.10.2+] Upside down Reinforced Slabs show up incorrectly in WAILA
- Fix: [1.10.2+] Wrong Fake Liquids recipes showing up in the SecuritCraft Manual
- Fix: [1.10.2+] Glass Panes can be put into Universal Block Reinforcers
- Fix: [1.10.2+] Crash when breaking planks/sandstone with a Universal Block Reinforcer
- Fix: [1.10.2+] Universal Block Reinforcer does not show up when being held
- Fix: [1.10.2+] Reinforced Doors don't have a placing sound
- Fix: [1.11.2+] Server error when using a Redstone Module
- Fix: [1.12] Blocks scanning for players/mobs do not work correctly
- Fix: [1.12] Recipes are not grouped in Recipe Book
- Removed: [1.12] Config option to enable the old Keypad recipe