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    [1.10.2] SecurityCraft v1.8.5.jar
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    Jul 8, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


- New: 1.9.4 support

- New: Two Reinforced Doors placed next to each other will open together when one of them is opened

- New: Completely overhauled the GUI of the Mine Remote Access Tool

- New: The Security Camera can now be placed on the ceiling

- New: Sneak-rightclicking the Taser with redstone in the inventory will double the Taser's power for one shot

- New: Secret Sign which can only be read by its owner

- New: Reinforced Blocks

            - Obsidian

            - End Stone

            - Netherrack

            - [1.8+] Sea Lantern

            - [1.10.2+] Bone Block

- New: Motion Activated Light

- Change: When viewing a camera, the view now more closely represents what the camera would see

- Change: The Briefcase recipe now requires a Password-protected Chest instead of a regular one

- Change: The Taser now only applies level 2 potion effects for 10 seconds

- Fix: Language key for Codebreaker doesn't inform the user about its limited usability

- Fix: Welcome message shows when connecting to a server, even when disabling it on clientside

- Fix: Name Tag gets deleted when renaming cameras in creative mode

- Fix: Incorrect model for double Password-protected Chest

- Fix: Rare crash involving Inventory Scanner Fields

- Fix: Fake Liquids sometimes don't work correctly

- Fix: Furnace Mine doesn't explode when an item is held

- Fix: Password-protected blocks can be set-up by players other than the owner

- Fix: [1.7.10] Incorrect Alarm hitbox

- Fix: [1.7.10] Security Cameras which emit a redstone signal don't break if the block they're placed on is broken

- Fix: [1.7.10] Ownership data doesn't update correctly on the client side

- Fix: [1.7.10] Password-protected Chest has incorrect breaking particles

- Fix: [1.8.9] Reinforced Cobblestone is not tinted in inventory

- Fix: [1.8+] Inconsistent Alarm model

- Fix: [1.8+] Protecto does not work

- Fix: [1.8+] Some trigger ranges for SecurityCraft blocks were not calculated correctly

- Fix: [1.10.2+] Under certain circumstances, the Alarm doesn't break when the block it's placed on is removed

- Potential Fix: StackOverflowException involving block mines

- Sponge Fix: Keycard Reader cannot be configured

- Sponge Fix: Server crashes when placing Reinforced Stained Glass over an active Beacon