Selim's Backpacks

Basic Functionality

This mod (should) allow any chestplate from any mod to work as a backpack optionally.  To make a chestplate a backpack, all you must do is add a chest to it in any crafting window.

To use a backpack, just equip it in the chestplate slot and use the keybinds to access the contents/upgrades.



Optionally, there are a few upgrades for the backpacks:

  • Collection Upgrade - items collected off the ground are inserted into the backpack
  • Capacity Upgrade - adds 9 extra slots
  • Ender Upgrade - mobile access to your Ender Chest (or a linked Ender Storage Ender Chest)



The mod is configurable and you can set the default size for any chestplate, or disable backpacks for a given chestplate by setting the size to 0.


Optional Dependencies

 - Ender Storage (adds support for Ender Storage Ender Chests with the Ender Upgrade)



If you have any issues, please report them on the GitHub issue tracker for quicker attention.


Includes support for Submit Issues.


Patreon | Twitter | GitHub | Discord

Developed during Modjam 2008.1 / Modjam 5 / Modjnam


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