ServerSync works with any version of Minecraft


The server side can be run without forge by starting with the server argument

  • java -jar serversync{ver}.jar server

Or put ServerSync in the mods folder to have forge start ServerSync when you start the minecraft server.


On windows you can use the start command, ill leave other implementations up to the reader.


For a lazy script on windows you can use:

@echo off
for %%f in (forge*.jar) do (SET forge=%%~nxf)
for %%f in (serversync*.jar) do (SET serversync=%%~nxf)
start "Minecraft Server" java -Xms2g -Xmx2g -jar %forge% nogui
start "ServerSync Server" java -jar %serversync% server




Technically you could use this to sync any game / file system.


This is an open source mod that allows for easy mod management. The client will always be able to connect to your server and you will never again have to send them the new files and tell them to update. This method avoids a lot of complaining. As a server admin constantly changing configs/updating mods it can get to be quite a pain pushing these updates. Some users have trouble finding the minecraft folder let alone putting mods in the right place.

Currently ServerSync has specific support for:

  • Client-side mods
  • Configs

You can sync any directory by specifying it in the config file.


This mod is only intended for personal use. Other developers work very hard on their mods and simply visiting their website, forum post, or github is just a common courtesy. If you are going to use this to distribute mods make sure you seek permission from the owners of said mod.


Depending on the copyright and/or pattent laws in your area using this mod with other developer's mods for a commercial purpose could be ILLEGAL, always seek permission.


Be cautious when synchronizing mods from a server, make sure you trust the host as there is nothing stopping them sending malicious software via ServerSync.


  • "This mod isn't doing anything!"
    • ServerSync is run like an application if you are a client (double click), note that some java environment setups may require you to run ServerSync from the terminal.
  • "I can't connect to my server"
    • Are you using your external/internal IP address apropriately?
    • Are you trying to transfer a file larger than your max file size?
    • Are you ignoring a file that is neccecary to connect to the server?
  • "This is so insecure I hate it!"
    • Read the disclaimer. Due to the nature of open source software it can not really be super secure If you know of a way / need for ServerSync to be secured please feel free to provide the required material or outline how you think this should be done in Serversync Issues
  • "Can you add feature X? Or fix bug Y?"
    • Submit it to the issues and I'll check it out.
  • "You're a horrible programmer"
    • Please submit a bug report or suggestion and help me improve.
  • "Why does this mod spit out so much 'junk' in my console?"
    • It's simply to help users know that they're not being attacked. It will tell them what IP they're connected to, what mod is being downloaded and more. My hope is that people will actually see this while it's running to know for sure that they can trust their admin. Hey, not everyone reads this.
  • "I have files such as optifine that I don't want the server to delete"
    • Specify this in the config file. It can ignore deletion of any file you want.

What does it do exactly?

  • The server starts up and begins listening on the port defined in the config file
  • If the server receives a command it will respond accordingly
  • Clients run serversync from their mods folder (or make a shortcut) when a sync is required


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