Realm of Midgard

The Realm of Midgard is a fantasy / medieval RPG setting, that I intend to expand indefinitely. 


It has ruins, cities and villages and castles  - explore for yourself!


It also has its own lore and several guilds & factions. 


I began work on Midgard with "Seven Hills", a medieval / fantasy themed city. It's a massive city. 


Since then, I've added the cities of "al'Atreide" (a desert city), "Port Bloodsand" (the squalid "city of thieves") along with several smaller settlements and villages. I'm currently working on the elven city of "Don-Golin".



The realm of Midgard is an ideal setting for an RPG game. 


See more pics of the "Realm of Midgard" on my Imgur account, here:


If there any YouTubers interested, I'd appreciate video reviews, as it's a great source of feedback. 


Updated cinematic trailer:


Original cinematic trailer:





I'm uploading  other videos of my build on


I strongly recommend using medieval style resource packs such as "Conquest" or "John Smith Legacy" as the build style is best experienced in these (though obviously that's at your own discretion!).


***IMPORTANT NOTE: Turn fire spreading OFF as soon as the world is loaded. Most houses have fires on in chimneys! ***


Feel free to download and explore my world. However, do not distribute this build or claim it as your own. 



I hope you enjoy my little project, please leave any feedback / suggestions.




SPOILERS BELOW - locations of several places not accessable by road! (highlight to view):


Locations outside Seven Hills (approximate):

Co-ordinates:                         X                           Y                  Z

Port Bloodsand                    592                        67

Marawaka (Jungle)               -144                     76

The Smials (Halflings)        -428                       70

Ravenfang Hold                   174                        69

Wranna (swamp village)     594                       64

Ruined (Ice) tower               -547                      93                55 

Hermit's Cave                     -482                        84                -26

Ruined House                     -452                        64                201

Fisherman's Hut                 -353                        65               -143

Witch Hut (improved)        -334                        66                293

Dagda Tomb                        -288                        85               -231

Elven House                         -457                        79               -360

Smuggler's Cave                 -250                        67               -281

Cairn Tomb                           -293                       66                -470

Edgemere                             -195                       76               -506

Cairn of Druss                        85                         71                 261

Hendge                                  -295                       63                 704

Desert House                        -140                       70                 758

Battleborn Castle                  -351                      68                 -765

Desert Tomb                           248                      70                -689

Nissus' Tower                          -82                     182               1047

al'Atreide                                76                         69                 1529



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