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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 9
  • Java 8


# Changelog

Changelog format is based on [Keep a Changelog](,
and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](

Silent Lib's changelog is not updated very frequently and most changes are not important for end-users.
Only recent changes use the new format, the old format has been left alone for previous versions.

## [3.0.10] - 2018-12-18
### Changed
- Removed Patreon button from guide book
- Possibly improve some logging (ClientTicks overflow)

## [3.0.9] - 2018-11-15
### Added
- Wildcard support for match lists (entity and item lists in configs). Wildcard character is '*' and may only be used at the end of the entered value (for now). Example: `modid:*` or `modid:something_*`
### Fixed
- Default min value on float and double configs were wrong, should allow negative values in all cases now
- Silent Gear tool/armor crashes when on a Tinkers Construct table. See [Silent's Gems #348](

## [3.0.8] - 2018-10-31
### Added
- Drop-down GUI element (usable, but needs some work)

## [3.0.7] - 2018-10-27
### Added
- Instances of recipes being registered the "old way" (without JSON) are counted and logged.
For Silent's Gems users: Yes, I am aware of the 160+ recipes it counts (the mod contains a total of
about 1300 recipes, most are now JSON but some are... problematic right now).
### Fixed
- Ore dictionary lookup optimizations

## Old log (original format) starts here:

Added: HudAnchor

Added: InitialSpawnItems

Documented recipe serializers
Added: ItemLootContainer, an item that gives player items from a loot table when used
Fixed: IColoredBlock not registering item color handler

Fixed: Guide book crash (Silent's Gems #328)

Removes many deprecated components, breaking compatibility with older versions
Added: IRecipeSerializer to support creation of recipe JSONs for custom recipe factories

Added: I18nHelper option to replaces colons with dots (enabled by default)
Added: SRegistry setModel methods
Added: Greetings class (takes message suppliers to display on login)

Added: I18nHelper translatedName methods

Updated I18nHelper with additional methods
Updated ChatHelper with additional methods and javadoc
Fixed: Some issues with BlockMetaSubtypes

Added: StackHelper.getOreNames
Fixed: Color codes with alpha not loading properly

Mostly tweaks/additions for Borderblocks
Added: Dev-only keybindings to switch gamemodes. These are not registered in distributed builds.
Added: ConfigOptionOreGen (more-or-less direct copy from Silent's Gems)
Added: Advancement trigger registration method

Added: ConfigMultiValueLineParser

Added: zh_CN.lang (Snownee)

Added: Blending functions to the Color class.

Added: RecipeBaseSL#getNonEmptyStacks

Added: EntityHelper#heal method, which can bypass cancelable healing events.
Added: GuideBook#showPatreonButton field. Defaults to false for all mods but Silent's Gems.

Added: Patreon button to guide book main page.
Changed: LogHelper now takes a build number and will not output debug lines if it is not zero. Should fix "log spam" issues that pop up from time-to-time.
Fixed: Potion registration handler now works (currently, none of my mods use this).

Fixed: Food subitems not working properly.

Added: ModelHelperSL, which helps to fix the OBJ model issues in Silent's Gems.

Updated to be compatible with 1.10.2 and 1.11.2.
Some rendering compatibility additions. Minor bugfixes.

Updated for Forge 2387.
Fixed: Recipes being double registered, causing a crash in latest Forge when opening recipe book. (Silent's Gems #170)
Fixed: Hide custom recipe types in the recipe book (gets rid of the recipes for "air")

Forge 2373
Fixed: Model loading crash
Fixed: Models for most metadata items not loading
Fixed: Items displaying in all creative tabs

Forge 2365

Added: Smelting recipe adders to RecipeMaker (kind of unnecessary right now, but...)
Added: TileEntitySpecialRendererSL
Fixed: addInformation handlers of Item classes
Fixed: Shaped/shapeless ore recipe adders being reversed

Initial 1.12 update! Expect things to break as Forge updates.
Added: RecipeMaker. Handles creation of recipes.
Added: WorldGeneratorSL (ideal is to allow retrogen, but that doesn't work yet).
Changed: IRegistryObject#addRecipes now takes a parameter: the mod's RecipeMaker instance.
Removed: The deprecated RecipeBase class.
Removed: RecipeHelper (methods merged into RecipeMaker).

Added: Safe method for spawning entities from other threads (EntityHelper#safeSpawn)
Added: Left-click (empty/block) handlers for items. These can capture left-clicks on the client and send a packet to the server for processing.

Added: EntityHelper#getEntityNameList to fix a Silent's Gems issue.
Fixed: The "quote guy" not being cleared properly (guide book main page)

Fixed: Buggy enchantments causing a crash (Good ol' PvP's silliness, for example)

Added: Implemented config/achievement buttons in guide book.
Added: Implemented quotes in guide book.
Fixed: [1.10.2] Missing localizations caused by the resources folder having the wrong structure.

Added: A guide book system. It is heavily inspired by (and partially copied from) Actually Additions. Any mod should be able to easily(?) create a decent guide book with this.
Note on the guide book system: This was introduced because Silent's Gems was using Guide-API, which does not work across Minecraft versions. An alternative solution might have been to add a Guide-API adaptor system into Lib, but this is probably for the best.

Added: Minecraft version getter
Added: SyncVariable interface. Allows tile entities to sync data with less code.
Changed: Improved CreativeTabSL, making it less likely to self-destruct in 1.10.2.

Added: KeyTrackerSL, a base class for key trackers
Added: WorldHelper (needed for a Gems bugfix)

Added: ItemHelper (needed for a Gems bugfix)

Fixed: Custom recipes not consuming ingredients.
Fixed: Some containers not dropping their inventories (eg Gems' material grader)

Added: BiomeHelper (fix for a Fun Ores issue in 1.10.2)


Fixes the armor constructor.

First XCompat build

Added: An adaptive config system inspired by Botania's. Still needs a bit of work, but functions for some values.
Fixed: Forge blockstate JSONs not loading properly. This may prevent some models from existing mods from loading properly. It also creates a bit of log spam on load about missing models that I haven't figured out, but that doesn't hurt anything.

Fixed an issue with entity renderer registration.
Modified SRegistry to use generics for block/item registry.