Simple Protection


Simple Protection can be used to allow and disallow certain things to happen in certain areas.



This is achieved by the use of commands.

To see what is possible with Simple Protection, just type /simpleprotection help and you will see a list of all of the commands.


Here are some of the things you can do, but there is still a lot more!



Protect areas

To protect an area, simply type /simpleprotection protect and the first corner of the area will be stored.
Then, go to the second corner and type /simpleprotection protect <name>. This will save a box inside of the space between first corner and the current location, with the specified name.


Whitelist/blacklist items and blocks

To allow and disallow certain things to be used and done, you can use one of the following commands: 
/simpleprotection additem <name>, to add the item that you are currently holding in your main hand to the list of the area with the specified name.
/simpleprotection addblock <name> <type>, to add the block that your crosshair is facing to one of the lists of the area. The type of the list specified can be either interact for right-clicking or break for placing and breaking blocks.
If you want one of those three lists to be either a whitelist or a blacklist, you can use the /simpleprotection switch <name> <type> command to switch the specified area's list of the specified type around between whitelist and blacklist.


Visualize areas

When you have a lot of areas, you might get confused about which one is which.
However, you can use the /simpleprotection visualize <name> command to be able to see the outline of the protected area.

There is a whole lot more you can do with this mod! Just type /simpleprotection help to see it all!



Note that this mod can only be installed on a server. This means that it isn't needed on the client side.
If you run a server, you can install Forge and this mod on it. Users connecting to the server won't need Forge to join it.



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