Simple Storage


This mod provides one simple storage upgraded alternative to the vanilla chest, a slightly larger chest who's size can be upgraded. This chest also has a search function for easy of use.



The basic chest, both a functional and aesthetic upgrade to the vanilla chest.

Chest and recipe



The storage upgrade for the chest

Chest Upgrade and its Recipe


Basic Use

A chest can be crafted and used as is, it has 6 rows of 9 slots, the size of a vanilla double chest.

You can upgrade the size of the chest but taking a chest upgrade item and sneak clicking the chest with it.

*Note* The upgrades will show up in the chest's upgrade slots, but these slots cannot be interacted with inside the chest.

Each upgrade will add two rows to the chest, and after the first upgrade it will have scrolling functionality. The max size a chest can be upgraded to is 14x9.

If you wish to remove an upgrade make sure that the chest has two open rows at the bottom and then sneak click the chest with an empty hand.

Successfully inserting or removing an upgrade will make a wooden step sound.



Currently the search bar will filter the items shown, they aren't shown in closest match first. The slots get iterated through, and if it passes the filter it gets displayed in the next available slot.


Filter Criteria:

  • Item Name
  • Item Mod Owner
  • Item OreDictionary registries


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