Simply Conveyors & More

Logistics...? Transport...? Same thing!

Simply Conveyors & More hopes to become an alternative to pipes from other mods. It adds a unique (and aesthetic) way of transferring items from place to place. It also has many utilities for creating mob farms.


CompatLayer is once again REQUIRED in 3.0.4+


A bunch of eggheads in the lab have informed me that the previous models of certain conveyors were an unreliable mess that may or may not have been spitting out more pollution than a cow. I don't personally agree with this statement, but according to the lab boys 'projections', it was considered potentially lethal. As such, we have decided to immediately recall all previous models of affected conveyors, because we care. Don't worry though, you'll be provided with full replacements of our brand new products! Some assembly required. We are not responsible for injury, radiation poisoning, or death caused by these products.

Cave Johnson OUT

PS - I've been informed that I have to insure you no product in this line-up is nuclear powered.
PPS - Also that pollution thing was just a joke. Ha... Ha-ha...



Almost every conveyor reacts to redstone in some way. If it isn't working, try powering it.

Normal Conveyors

Can push virtually any type of Entity. When powered they turn off.

Advanced Conveyors

Advanced Conveyors are conveyors capable of having items piped on and off of them. They do not automatically input or output items.

Modular Conveyors

Modular Conveyors are conveyors capable of having up to 3 modules, and a track put into them. Modules are for more active features such as dropping items straight into inventories below, or hurting mobs. The track is for more passive abilities such as preventing fall damage and slowing the conveyor down. Shift-right click on the Modular Conveyor to open it's GUI.

Inverse Conveyors

Every single type of conveyor has an Inverse orientation. You can craft them by putting the conveyor in the crafting table.

Vertical Conveyors

Vertical Conveyors are conveyors which propel entities directly upwards. Only Normal conveyors have this orientation.


Modules let you modify the features of Modular Conveyors

Dropper Module

The Dropper Module drops items straight into the inventory below, also prioritizing putting fuel in fuel slots.

Input I/O Module

The Input I/O Module is an upgraded Dropper Module. It let's you output from behind the conveyor, and input in front of the conveyor.

Spike Modules

There are 3 different types of spike modules. Iron, Gold, and Diamond.

Gold and Diamond are capable of dropping XP orbs, and Diamond can drop player-only loot. Iron and Gold do 6 damage while Diamond does 7.

Holding Module

The Holding Module locks entities into place, but only while powered.


Tracks are for adding passive features to conveyors such as fall damage prevention.

Sponge Track

The Sponge Track blocks all fall damage a living entity will take when it lands on the block.

Webbed Track

The Webbed Track slows entities down to roughly 1/3rd the normal speed they would move on the conveyor.

Conveyor Resistance Boots

Prevent conveyors from propelling you in any way. Great while building conveyors so you don't get propelled into your mob farms and etc.

Mix and Match

A great thing about the Modular Conveyor is the fact you can make multiple different combinations of modules and tracks. You can use the Spike Module and Dropper Module in tandem to automatically put loot from mobs into a chest below the conveyor. The possibilities are very unique.


Go ahead. No need to ask me.



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