Simply Saph

Simply Saph

Simply Saph will be used as my first Minecraft series on my YouTube channel. Actually... my first ANYTHING series on my YouTube channel. I wanted to start my YouTube channel with 1.8.9 mods. And I wanted to just have fun. So that's what this is. It's simply the things I want to play with, so it's Simply Saph. 


It is not meant to be a stable pack. I would not put this on a server. This is strictly so I can play with the new 1.8.9 mods and see what they are like. The pack will change often. Therefore I will not be creating a changelog. Just keep an eye on the mod list. The videos will list what version I am using in each, so you CAN follow along if you want. But versions will only be for numbering purposes. Since I'm not ever going to call this a feature-done pack, this is releasing as a 1.00 pack and the numbers will continue to rise as I make changes. 


  • This pack is not balanced at all. Some things are tough, while others are easy. Imagine an AE-alike crafting storage system made with basic materials like wood. That's EZ Storage. Machines in Actually Additions are actually tough to make right at the beginning, while NeoTech is simple. I even have a Thaumcraft research helper in there for now.
  • I am using a mod to stop the key bind problems. I'm setting up the key binds the way I like and saving them so you guys can use them. Makes it easy for me to reference in the videos. Feel free to change them.
  • This command might come in handy: 
    • /give [your username] minecraft:skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:"[username]"}

I hope you enjoy watching the series when it launches. And I'm happy you've taken the time to check out this very experimental modpack.





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