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This modpack's purpose is to showcase Thaumcraft 6. There are no other large content mods. There are "quality of life" mods. There are some mods to make the experience a little "prettier." But otherwise, there are no mods that add large amounts of content, other than Thaumcraft 6. 

I take that back, kind of. Unique Crops adds a bit of content, however, it truly is in the SPIRIT of Thaumcraft. But to prove our point, there are only 13 extra creative tabs. The first page is vanilla. Expect to have to work through many vanilla methods of doing things until you can get to the better options in Thaumcraft. 

Click Here for the Changelog 

The following is Saph's playthrough of the pack: 


Remove "Notes" and "Sound Filters" for servers to work. Otherwise, the "mods" and "config" folder should be all you need after you upload Forge.


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