SkySaph is a magical skyblock modpack using the mod Parachronology by ZenDarva as the "something from nothing" process. It includes the magical mods Aura Cascade, Blood Magic, Psi, Thaumcraft, and Totemic. Also included are a few decorative mods such as Chisel & Bits and Missing Pieces.

This pack is currently in Beta and does NOT include the following planned features:

  • Drop fixes to make sure there are enough "moments" to progress.
  • Recipe changes in case they are needed to provide items that can't be obtained otherwise.
  • A storyline/quest system.

These features will be worked on over the next few weeks, and the pack should be in official release state after that.

If you are unsure how to play and do not want to wait on the guide, I will be doing a Let's Play of this while I beta test it. You can find me on YouTube as Saphrym.

Server Admins: Make sure to use Islands in the Sky for a server as it creates the same islands for your users as the single version of Parachronology. You may need to update the config to provide the same starter items as Parachronology in this modpack.

Full modlist can be found on the Relations tab above or just click here.

Report issues here: Issues


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