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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


- Fixed NPE crash when the widths of characters are referred before loading the font resources.

- Fixed crash due to NPE when loading font resources fails.
- Fixed crash due to NPE when language setting is null.
- Removed overhead due to debugging code.

- Added new run modes "Mod disabled" and "Optimization Only". "Optimization Only" mode improves the performance than the original font renderer.
- Improved performance by optimization.
- Added a performance priority mode. This mode improves performance in exchange for slightly lowering the quality.
(On my PC, performance is almost the same as without the mod even if a lot of characters are displayed.)
- Fixed an issue that the last line of BetterQuesting mod's text may be invisible in some cases.
- Added a modsNotUsingHighPrecision option. If the specified mods are detected, MC standard font renderer will be set to normal precision mode or vanilla precision mode.
- Added "precision save" sub-command and the precision command no longer saves automatically in the config file.
- Improved the efficiency of MC standard renderer replacement check.
- Fixed an issue that combining marks are invisible.
- Improved autosizing.
- Added an option that limits temporary memory usage during genaration of glyph images for the computer which has many CPU cores.
- Reduced temporary memory usage during generation of glyph images.
- Improved a compatibility regarding text wrapping for Better Questing mod.
- Added an option to adjust the rounding method of the character width that can be obtained by getCharWidth().
- Improved efficiency in drawing processes.
- Improved a quality of character placement.
- Fixed an issue that the fontScaleRoundingToleranceRate is not applied properly when switching the config mode.
- Readjusted fontGap config paratemer.

- [1.7.10] Fixed a broken game screen and color when used with liteloader. (Issue-#4)
- Added traditional Chinese lang file. (Thanks to EnderDragonEP)
- Updated simplified Chinese lang file. (Thanks to SuperExboom)

- Minor fix for changes of v1.15.1.

- [1.8.9] Fixed crash due to combination of OptiFine and MalisisCore.

- Added a new function to use the external font files. TrueType, OpenType and Type1 font files can be recognized. By default, the font files must be placed in "fontfiles" folder under Minecraft folder. Font paths are configurable.
- Added a workaround for mod's independent font renderers which directly refer charWidth/glyphWidth values of a standard font renderer in order to get the font width values of Minecraft fonts. (ex. MalisisDoors(MalisisCore))
- Fixed the issue that a blank page texture is not loaded correctly.

- [1.8.9~1.12.2] Added clientSideOnly property.

- Enhanced error handling during glyph image generation.
- Fixed an issue that platform fonts can not be applied when using MCPatcher's HD fonts with OptiFine.

- Decreased memory usage dramatically by default when using platform fonts. (Total usage is about 15MB with 32px+20% setting.)
- Improved a conversion time from gray to ABGR images greatly when using an useGrayscaleImage function.
- Improved a compression/uncompression time of images greatly when using a compressImage function.
- Changed the saveMemory level of a compressImage option and an useGrayscaleImage option so that these options are enabled by default.
- Changed the default value of saveMemory to 1 from 2 again.
- Added memory usage indication in a font selection GUI.
- Added some tweak control options.

- Updated config file version. If saveMemory is 1(old default value) in the old version, it will be migrate to 2(new default value).
- Improved error check for config file.

- Reduced memory usage by a quarter when using the platform fonts by default.
- Added a funtion to save memory by generating grayscale glyph images. (config:saveMemory >= 2 or useGrayscaleImage=true)
- Added a funtion to save memory by compressing glyph images. (config:saveMemory >= 3 or compressImage=true)
- Changed default value of saveMemory to 2(moderate) from 1(conservative).
- Added memory saving related options to configure it in detail.

- Fixed an issue that the secondary font is not used and the Dialog font is used instead when the primary font does not exist.
- Added a function to keep high precision font width mode for the MC standard font renderer even if the MC standard font renderer has been replaced.
- Improved a function to detect an incompatible font renderer.
- Improved "/sfont renderers" command.
- Adjusted font specific space width in normal/vanilla precision.
- Added an option to select whether to replace a mod-specific font when using font in your PC.
- Added an option to select space width.
- Refactored the shader related codes.

- Fixed NPE when a exception of registering texture occurs.
- Improved the outlines of experience numbers to appropriate thickness for HD fonts.

- Improved space width compatibility with OptiFine when using resource pack font.
- Improved compatibility regarding high precision character width of OptiFine when using resource pack font.
- Added MC1.11.2 version

- Added an option to save memory usage when a large amount of memory or VRAM will be required.
- Improved compatibility of text width with derived font renderers.
- Removed normalPrecisionClasses option.
- Added highPrecisionClasses option.

- Fixed issue that characters are broken when FontRenderers use different resolution fonts.
- Added Russian lang file. (Thanks to LastLife919)

- Added new solution for dark scoreboard problem.
- MC1.7.10-beta

- Minor changes to the exclusion conditions for brightness adjustment and linear interpolation.
- Updated simplified Chinese lang file. (Thanks to SuperExboom)
- [1.8.9] Added the solution to work with OptiFine.

- Fixed possibility of crash when using resource pack including fonts.
- Added simplified Chinese lang file. (Thanks to SuperExboom)

- Added per-player config in order to avoid re-config by players due to modpack update.
- Added auto-brightness function for resource pack fonts.
- Improved auto-brightness function.
- Improved readability of reduced characters.
- Fixed some peaces of the next character may appear around the character after "Set to Default".
- Fixed the super high-resolution fonts of resource packs are rendered dirty.
- Fixed there was an small error in calculation of string width when using optifine.
- Fixed auto-brightness is too strong for high-resolution font.
- Fixed the texture may turn black when alpha blend is off.
- Added some tooltips.
- MC1.8.9-beta

- Added workaround for broken transparent color due to mods using GL11 blend function directly.
- MC1.10.2-beta

- Fixed possibility of crash when "Force threaded chunk rendering" option of forge is enabled.

- Improved performance.
- Added a check of availability of anisotropic filter.
- Fixed a shadow length is not reset by set to default.