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Hi Guys,


I cannot believe how kind people are.  Cybercat5555 contacted me and offered permission to use many textures from Rezloaded.  The mobs are so good!  I have included them and will create the reaminder in the same vein in the next release.  I am so grateful.

A long, long time ago Soulscribe released the definitive Tron texture pack. It has been picked up and revived and then dropped so many times it is scary. I love the Tron visual universe and felt it really needed to be properly revived and maintained. I am pleased to have had the chance to play in this world. Following the instructions left by Soulscribe I give full credit to his beautiful work.

I set out an ambitious target for this pack. I wanted my RezCraft to be the ultimate world builders pack and yet be completely playable as a Vanilla resource pack. I think I have done it. Not only is the world stunningly Tron, it is completely playable as your everyday resource pack. In my play testing I found it very calming. I did not expect this.

The first release has focused on my complete remastering and reassigning of the blocks, items, armours and major play entities. I have created new versions of most of the textures to clean up small things. Most of the mobs are included but I am not satisfied with them yet so expect them to get far better in future releases.

Screenshot thanks to Kab's Resource Pack Showcase

Licence / Permissions (legalistic crap):

  • Please get permission to reuse content from this pack in other packs.
  • Please get permission to re-distribute this content.
  • Please give credit and link to this thread to write reviews with screenshots.
  • Please give credit and link to this thread to make videos using this content.


Please tell me what you like and, especially, what you DO NOT like. For the things that are not right, if you can tell me why they are wrong there is a good chance I will fix it, well at least try.


These are all my texture packs, I bet there is something you like:  


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