Space Expedition to EPIC 204

It is the beginning of space colonization. With a growing earth population and limited resources, humanity has begun to explore the stars for a suitable new home. The search has taken them far into the cosmos...

You were selected to investigate the wacky system designated as EPIC 204--almost 400 light years from earth. To your surprise, you find the system is habitable! There is already a thriving native ecosystem with new plants, creatures, and strange biomes! 

But EPIC 204 holds some hidden secrets that make living there dramatically unlike earth. Instead of a planet, the system is a dense cloud of asteroids sharing a breathable atmosphere, swirling about a Red Dwarf Star. Because of this, it has strange weather patterns and rapidly changing seasons, with a year lasting only 25 days! On top of that, it is filled with many hostile creatures that seem to resent your arrival!

You and your trusty AI companion, the Biosuit Mark 12.3b are charged with traveling to, and observing the system for one year (25 days) and reporting back. Your task is to observe, catalogue the native life forms, and study the environment. That was the plan, but only a few days into the mission a massive meteor shower damages your ship and you find yourself stranded in an alien world...


Thus begins your quest to survive and eventually escape from this strange star system. To succeed you will need to learn how to survive in the harsh conditions of EPIC 204--a world with rapidly changing seasons and strange weather with harsh winters. The system is filled with exotic biomes teeming with strange new creatures and also holds a series of strange ruins for you to explore and a dark secret... Can you make it out alive?

this map is in Beta and still being worked on


Recommended Settings and Options:

  • The map must be played with English language settings to work properly: Some command block modules and the seasonal spawning of custom creatures rely on english entity names. This will be fixed before final release but for now the map needs english settings. A way to get around this is to run the map on an external server and then you are free to use your client in whatever language you like because the server is english
  • Leave particles enabled as they are used for custom creatures and technology. If particle weather like snow or dust storms lag your game you can turn off particle weather in the Holodeck game settings instead of for the whole game
  • Render distance of 16 recommended, for visibility and exploring. Due not use a render distance of lower then 10 or you may experience lag.
  • Use Medium GUI or smaller and at least 720p in your profile settings. If you use large GUI or 480p or the lore will run offscreen for some items.
  • Use a vanilla 1.12 client or higher and use a vanilla or forge jar if playing multiplayer on a server. You can make mods work with the map but there are some craftbukkit incompatibilities so I recommend forge mods only
  • Make sure to enable command blocks if you are running this on a server. Map will not work without them.
  • Allocate 2 GB RAM to Minecraft in the launcher settings for best performance. The game will run with the default of 1G but 2G is much better: Open minecraft launcher > click on "Launch Options" > click on your profile > enable the JVM arguments and edit the Xmx argument to say: -Xmx2G. Doing this will make maps with command blocks run much better and make minecraft not be capped at 1 GB of resources. You should NOT need to allocate more then 2G though! This is much more then Minecraft needs and will result in some issues with garbage collection in JAVA and possible lag issues when you play! 
  • Mod and Texture Pack Notes:

    1. You can use whatever resource pack you like. The map was designed with vanilla textures. Optifine is recommended if you want to see the dynamic lighting effects present on several mobs like the Firefly.  
    2. The 1.12 version of this map, Beta 1.7+, is compatible with Forge as of the time of this writing. The 1.11 versions were not due to forge bug with armor if you are still playing Beta 1.6.0 or earlier. Craftbukkit does not work with the map as it changes the way command blocks execute and mobs spawn so do not use it.
    3. Use of OptiFine is recommended! It is highly encouraged to install it and turn on the Dynamic Lighting option as many custom creatures have dynamic lighting effects! Your game will also run better. For those of you who never had to install OptiFine without being able to use Forge before, here's a small guide that works for the official launcher.
    - Go to and download the latest OptiFine version for 1.12
    - Find the jar in your download folder and double-click it
    - In the window that opens, click "Install"
    - Start the launcher, make sure that the profile called "OptiFine" is selected by using the drop-down arrow, edit the profile if you wish to change any of the settings there (such as allocating more RAM as discussed above), then you're ready to launch the game! The new settings will appear under video options, click through them and make sure to turn on dynamic lighting!

    If you use a non-official launcher, the installation may be more difficult; in this case, use Google to find more information for your launcher.

Check out the official minecraftforums post HERE

This map combines elements of Survival, Adventure, Puzzles, Exploration, and Command Block Technology seamlessly into one fresh new experience. Prepare to be challenged, as the normal Minecraft mechanics have been dramatically altered, and in some cases completely rewritten by command block running behind the scenes!


To name some features:


  • I have tripled the amount of new creatures that spawn in the world, most of them custom with new drops and behaviors! Some of them very useful!
  • I have added real Seasons to Minecraft: there is Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter!
  • As the seasons change throughout the 25-day year so do the creatures that spawn, the daylight cycle, Crop growth, precipitation, game difficulty, temperature, animal breeding, and daylight cycling!
  • This map has custom weather! Day length changes with the seasons and there can be random meteor showers, forest fires, snow flurries, sandstorms, erratic spring rain, and even hailstorms!
  • I have also added a custom tech tree alongside the normal one with some very useful new space age items and technologies. These will be unlocked as you discover new drops from creatures and craft new items!
  • As you survive on the asteroids your physical abilities will slowly start to improve up to a certain point. You will run and walk faster, swim faster, your attack speed will increase, your health will improve, you will take less damage from falls, and your breath underwater will last longer! This is to simulate your body changing and adapting to its new environment!
  • I have programmed an AI companion to travel with you in your Biosuit and it is quite the chatterbox! The AI will comment on your situation, give you advice, spot and comment on new creatures and scan them, and even help you come up with new crafting recipes to try as you find new items!
  • You can also craft physical upgrades to your Biosuit giving you some nifty new abilities like a glider, jetpack, night vision goggles, armor, and augmented limbs!
  • You cannot visit the nether or end but all the creatures from these dimensions will spawn in different seasons and have drops making the blocks from their dimensions renewable.

The result is a new kind of survival, reimagined completely, for an alien new world. You'll have to figure out everything from the beginning, and there is a LOT to discover! This is an entirely fresh experience, and adapting to life in this world will be both a challenge and a joy that should fill you with memories of your first days playing survival Minecraft when everything was new and fresh!

This map has been under development for more then a year already and is expanding all the time! It is currently in Public Beta, meaning that it is open to play and has many hours of content, but we are still working on it and releasing expansions with new content every 2 weeks for current players to check out! See the "Updating" section for details on how to experience the new updates without restarting your map!




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