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This is a Minecraft Forge mod that adds a new and extremely rare mineral to world generation in all 3 default dimensions. Hold on! This isn't just another boring mineral mod! This mineral is capable of crafting far better items than diamond such as a pickaxe that can mine 9 blocks at once and an armour set that, with all the pieces, will make you practically invincible. Sound game-breaking? Not really, Spectrite is really hard to come by so it would usually take a very long time to acquire enough to craft items with it, unless of course you decide to make it more common in the configuration. This mod, aside from providing the (hard-to-reach) means of making you overpowered, fits right into Vanilla gameplay, so I can recommend using it no matter what mods you use. To be honest, I (the developer) can't even play the game without it anymore.


  • New ultra-rare ore that can be found in any dimension
  • New color-changing armor that increases your max health
  • New tools that can destroy and harvest multiple blocks at once
  • New swords that cause AOE damage
  • New arrows that cause high-damage explosions on impact (1.1.0+)
  • 9 new potions effects (1.6.0+)
  • Powerful Spectrite versions of Vanilla mobs to challenge your combat skills and let you gain experience faster (1.3.0+)
  • A much harder version of the Wither that drops materials to craft a powerful weapon that lets you fire your own wither skulls (1.5.0+)
  • A huge randomly generated dungeon in each world full of Spectrite loot (1.2.0+)
  • Rare skull-shaped structures made of Spectrite Bone containing a high-tier chest at the top (1.4.0+)
  • Rainbow beacons! (1.4.0+)
  • Color-changing animations for nearly everything

And more!

Screenshots [OUTDATED]

A showcase of all the items and blocks available in the Spectrite ModA showcase of all the items and blocks included in the Spectrite Mod in Ver. 1.1.0 (all but the diamond rod are animated)

Spectrite Ore as found in The Overworld Spectrite Ore as found in The Overworld

Spectrite Ore as found in The Nether Spectrite Ore as found in The Nether

Spectrite Ore as found in The End Spectrite Ore as found in The End

New chests! New chests!

(Edit: Iron, Gold, and Diamond chests have been removed in favour of using the Iron Chests mod version instead)

A Spectrite Boss mob A Spectrite Boss mob

Playing alone and can't beat the Ender Dragon? Time to level the playing field! Playing alone and can't beat the Ender Dragon? Time to level the playing field!

Tired of playing fair and want to go on an overpowered rampage? There's a configuration for that! Tired of playing fair and want to go on an overpowered rampage? There's a configuration for that!

Sneak Peak of Ver. 1.2A Spectrite Dungeon.

Version Support

1.12.1, 1.12.2 - Supported by Spectrite Ver 1.4.4 -> 1.6.6

1.12 - Supported by Spectrite Ver. 1.1.1 -> 1.6.6

1.11.2 - Supported by Spectrite Ver. 1.0 -> 1.2.0


Yes, you can use this in your modpack, as long as it's EULA-compliant (ie. no monetization).


The documentation contains details on everything this mod has to offer.

1.12.x Documentation (Ver. 1.6.6)

1.11.2 Documentation (Ver. 1.2.0)

Supported Mods

  • Tinker's Construct (basic support)


  • Cyclic
    • This mod provides an exploit for obtaining Spectrite: using the uncrafting table on Spectrite Arrows, which are not uncommon as drops from Spectrite Skeletons - when adding Spectrite to a modpack that includes Cyclic, please blacklist Spectrite Arrows (and ideally all craftable Spectrite items to be safe) from the uncrafting table
      Spectrite items will be added to the default uncrafting blacklist as of 1.12.2-1.9.11
  • Draconic Evolution
    • The difficulty of getting the best items in this mod is comparable to DE, but there is no comparison between their power, Spectrite is practically useless against DE since DE is so far outside of Vanilla's scale

Known Bugs

  • Changing dimensions with a Spectrite Armour max health boost may not appear to carry over into other dimensions and may cause buggy behaviour when taking damage (this is a Vanilla bug)
  • Chests in Spectrite Skull structures that load during initial generation will always be Spectrite Chests regardless of configuration; the reason for the replacement not working during initial generation is unclear
  • During BTM 2017, when particles were not set to minimum, there was a change of a crash relating to the particle manager when failing to connect to the server; the cause of this is currently unknown but, since this was never reported outside of BTM 2017, it likely involved one or more of the other mods in the large pack used so this may happen for a modpack that includes these mods, whichever ones they are

Special Thanks

Blupilot - Built most of the Spectrite Skull structure
Pyrofab - Tested version 1.5 features including the Spectrite Wither, as well as 1.6 re-balancing changes, providing feedback that helped with balancing the difficulty
pau101 - Helped with sound effects and various programming-related issues


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