Spelunker's Paradise v1.2.5


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    Jan 28, 2019
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


Spelunker's Paradise - Changelogs for v1.2.5


- Added a trash can slot for easier deletion of items in your inventory.
- Added the gravity gun.
- Added 140 new structures for even more variety.
- Added Tinker's armor for even more armor.
- Added more content to fishing.
- Added random abilities to vanilla mobs to make them harder.
- Added 2 new kinds of mini-bosses (common mini-boss and mythical mini-boss (both have boss bars while the old mini-bosses don't (common mini-bosses have regular colored names while mythical variants have golden names)))
- Added an animation to thirdperson and changed the system for it slightly.
- Added "chests"
- Added an elytra bauble.
- Fixed a bug where custom structures would not load properly in other dimensions.
- Fixed some of the conflicting binds.
- Fixed the paintings and item frames.
- Optimized the whole mod pack for better performance. (worldgen lag is still a thing though)
- Optimized how fire works. (it doesn't spread anymore, resulting in no more lag caused by forest fires)
- Remapped some of the hotkeys to result in less conflictions.
- Killing villagers can result in loot drops now.
- Updated most of the mods.
- Sound was remastered.