Squadpack Modpack III: Squadpunk

No one quite knows how, but eyewitnesses say there was a blinding white light and then an explosion! The world was torn asunder. Perhaps it was some magical or technological mishap. Nevertheless, the survivors must rebuild what has been lost and bring civilization back from ruin.

This pack, much like the first two is a mix of tech, magic, and adventure. The adventure is learning to live and survive in the new world compliments of Sky Islands. The pack also has a steampunk theme with Immersive Engineering, Flaxbeard's Steam Power, and Mariculture. Ex Nihilo leading into Magical Crops are there to help with the resources. Botania has made a comeback, Spark's Hammers takes the place of Tinker's Construct, and there are a few mods to help build.



 Make sure to choose World Type SKYLANDS


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