Stonebound's Stone Age

What is this pack?

Stone Age is a kitchen sink style modpack for Minecraft 1.11.2. Designed to be played on a server with your friends! When choosing the mods we made sure they wouldn't cause any issues in multiplayer and are compatible with SpongeForge. Ore Gen has no duplicates and is done with Embers, we even added custom DenseOres.

There are lots of new and updated mods covering magic with mods like Roots & Embers, tech with Actually Additions and even OpenModularTurrets and a bit of exploration through Recurrent Complex and Travelhuts, oh and it also has dinosaurs added by Jurassicraft!

This pack will be perfect for you if you just wanna play around with 1.11 without any balance changes, experience the mods like they were meant to be played.



If you don't want to play alone, you can host your own server just copy the `mods, config and scripts folder, if there is enough interest a server pack download will be added. Don't want to setup your own? There is also an official whitelisted server at


Feedback and Issues

I'm always happy to hear your feedback on the pack or even mod suggestion, just leave a message below! If you run into any issues the issue tracker can be found here.




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