Storage Boats Mod

About this mod:

This mod adds in a boat with a chest to the game which let's you store up to 27 more stacks of items on your travels!

You can open the boat's inventory by pressing the E key while you are sitting in the boat or by pressing shift and right clicking a storage boat:

The boat's inventory.

The inventory of a boat!

When you break the storage boat, you get the storage boat, and the items stored in the chest! 

You can change in the config in the latest version if you want the storage boats to drop a boat and a chest instead of a storage boat!

There are storage boats for all wood types:

You can place banners on storage boats:

If you want to place a banner on a storage boat, right click while holding a banner in your hand:

You can also move the banner to the front, middle and back of the boat by pressing shift and right clicking without holding any block or item! Here is a storage boat with the banner placed in the middle:

A banner placed in the middle of a storage boat!

Boats with shulker boxes:

You can also place shulker boxes on boats by pressing shift and right clicking with it in your hand! The boat will be like a storage boat, but with a shulker box instead of a chest. Here is a boat with a pink shulker box:


Leashing boats together and to fence posts:

You can leash boats and storage boats together or to a fence post with lead, like you can do with mobs!

Crafting recipes:

To craft the storage boat you'll need a boat and a chest. To craft the enderchest storage boat, you'll need a boat and an ender chest. You can also add a chest to a boat by pressing the shift key and right-clicking the boat!

Image of the crafting recipe!

Mod reviews:

This is a cool mod review by Awesome Meatball!

 This is also a cool mod review by Bluelaade!

This is a cool mod review of 5 mods that should be in Minecraft by MrCrayfish! The mods in the video are this mod, Hopper Ducts, Wolf Armour and Storage, Toolbelt and Rustic!

This is a cool mod review by novelpa1/2 in spanish!

 There is also a cool mod review by Sthifer in spanish in the comment section!

Downloads and installation: 

1. Install Forge:

    For 1.10.2: Forge 1.10.2- or higher.

    For 1.11.2: Forge 1.11.2- or higher.

    For 1.12: Forge 1.12- or higher.

2. Download the mod file!

3. When you have installed Forge, you should find a folder called 'mods' in your Minecraft folder. (You can create it if its not there).

4. Drag and drop the mod .jar file into the 'mods' folder.

5. Done! 

It's okay to add the mod to your modpacks!

If you find any bugs or crashes: 

If you find any bugs, or that Minecraft crashes with the mod, you can add them to the Issues page or post a comment, and I will try to fix them! 


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