Mod for Modjam5/Modjam2018.1


Mod that's all about exploration.

This mod follows a man trough a long journey, which can be enjoyed on a server or alone. Multiple instruments have been added so the journey with your friends will be an enjoyable a fun ride.

Everything starts at a village where a old doctor went on a journey he left maps and voice logs for you to find, so you’re not aimlessly walking around. At the end of your journey there may be something interesting.

- lots of new random generation.
- instruments. (that let you play together.)
- a new way to use your old items.


Commands for creative users:

/locatesubmineofthieves [structure name]

does the same als /locate but now for the structures of this mod


Does work in existing worlds!

(no retrogen implemented yet, will follow)


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