Super Massive Tech

Super Massive Tech

What is this mod all about?

This mod centers around stars, black holes, and all the powers and disasters that accompany them.


How do I get started?

The first thing you need to craft is called the Heart of Star, this will be your gateway into everything in the mod. Yes, it is quite expensive, but you can recoup some of the expense later. The tooltips will guide you from there.


Black Hole Storage: 
Can store 2^40 (about 1 trillion) items AND liquids (of one type).

Black Hole Hopper: 
Pulls from inventories up to 6 blocks away, and inserts them into the inventory it is attached to. Also pulls in nearby items.

Star Harvester: 
Creates power from stars. The rate is variable based on the star. Looks really cool. The base block:


Gif of the animation: 


This block must first have a star container inserted into it, then a star. It will then begin to generate power.

This block serves as a marker for anything you may need. It shows up visibly in the sky, much like a beacon, and can be named and colored. It will show up on the HUD of the Gravity Helmet. 

Black Hole (NYI): ?????????



Currently the main item in the mod. Created in a violent explosion, these items can provide you power for a loooong time. They are also used in most recipes.



Gravity Armor: 
Protection from a large amount of damage, as well as a large array of useful modules, see below:

Description of all current modules:

Gravity Resist 
The base effect of the armor, conteracts all gravitational sources and makes you float as if you were in microgravity. 
Applies to: ALL
Modes: ON, OFF

When activated, it picks the best tool in your hotbar for the current block you are mining.
Applies to: Chestplate
Modes: ON, OFF

Shows a compass on the top of your screen, and also some useful notifications in the bottom left, such as when armor abilities are toggled on and off. Also allows you to see all your waypoints and their names, so that you may easily navigate to any of them.
Applies to: Helmet
Modes: ON, Compass Only, Text Only, OFF

Anti-Grav:All entities nearby, in a certain (configurable) radius, will slowly float upwards around you, as if their gravity was reversed.
Repulsor: Repels all nearby entities from the player. 
Attractor: Attracts all nearby entities to the player. 
Applies to: Chestplate 
Modes: Anti-Grav, Repulsor, Attractor, OFF



Other Features:

An achievement system! This mod has many achievements to help guide you along, as well as some enhancements for vanilla achievements.

In-game config editing! This mod is among the first to support the new forge feature. From the main menu, simply go to mods -> select Super Massive Tech -> config, and you will be able to configure most anything without restarting the game!


This mod is in an alpha state. While it is mostly stable many things are temporary and/or missing.
Here is a basic list:
  • ​Recipes are temporary. Many of the Black Hole items have stars in their recipe where it would be a black hole. 
  • The waypoint recipe is much more expensive than I would like, but I am missing some features in the waypoint block required to change it.
  • Black holes are NYI, and will be a major part of the mod.
  • Visuals will improve. I realize the stars are a bit lackluster at this time.
  • More mod support will come. I need NEI plugins for some of my recipes and things like that.

Additional Links:

IRC: #SMT on (EsperNet) webchat link
(Please be aware that the latest dev builds require ttCore, can be found on the same site)



tterrag - main dev and modeling
timewarp - texture artist
wha-ha-ha - various assets (hopper) and idea-bounce-off-person
Sphericon - Brainstorming and code help


This mod is licensed under the LGPLv3 license. PLEASE feel free to use it in modpacks.
If you are wanting to do a spotlight, please do! Thanks for reading, and enjoy!


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