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Survivalism is the base-level mod for my future Cooking mod Epicurious.

Read This Carefully:

By default, Survivalism doesn't come with any base-line recipes or values.
This means it's up to the pack developer to Integrate this mod as they see fit into their pack.
There is a "Default Recipe" module in the configs that is disabled by default that adds some baseline recipes, these are entirely optional and is really only there for the add-on mod to enable on loading.

Also the the "crushing modifier" is a multiplier value you can put on feet slot items that will modify the "value" of jumps you get when jumping on the crushing vat. 

Survivalism by itself adds 4 Blocks/Tile Entities:
Brewing Barrel
Soaking Barrel
Storage Barrel

Crushing Vat
Mixing Vat
Drying Rack

By default this mod comes with the following compatibilities:
- Crafttweaker Integration
- Hwyla (Waila)
- JustEnoughItems (JEI)
- Patchouli Processors/Templates

- Craftweaker Support:
Link to Crafttweaker Documentation


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