Teagan Presents: The Fate of Gods (Squad Network)

Lucifer Pieta


A war was raged...a slip of a girl in the midst of a terrible battle….a complicated spell of a mad man. The spell was perilous but the world’s only hope. So, she cast the spell and the Branches of Sol sundered. The god smiled over the destruction. On that day, in Irtha, the bad time came…


This is a story driven modded adventure with a focus on the Advent of Ascension and ChromatiCraft mods. Through the npcs, you will learn how to play both of the main mods. The other mods are there to add gear, rewards, and tasks for the players to do. There are elements to the story that are inspired by beloved RPGs.


This pack is meant to be played solo or with a friend not on a multiplayer server. Advent of Ascension is a difficult mod so playing solo will be a challenge. I don't want to spoil too much more. Enjoy!


For those who have difficulty downloading from the the twitch app https://github.com/teagan75/The-Fate-of-Gods/releases



Episode 1: Bad Times

Episode 2: Hell's Fury






PLEASE NOTE: This modpack will be released in episodes which will add quests in different dimensions. When there is a map update, you will be prompted to update before reaching the menu screen. Updates will not overwrite your save game. If you went to other dimensions the story didn't lead to, those regions may get reset. 



"Fall of Lucifer Pieta" Artwork by George Grie. For purchase and/or licensing go to http://neosurrealismart.com/


Music by Christopher Haigh http://www.chrishaighmusic.co.uk/ (permission for use granted)






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