What is TechExpansion?

TechExpansion is a very WIP mod, with not much added yet. The current mod adds copper, aluminum, tin, and the metals' corresponding tools and armor.


Modpack Info

No need to ask before putting in a modpack, I have a public license attached to this.

If there is some type of misuse of the mod, I will have to have it removed.


What do you plan on adding in the future?

Oh, don't worry. We've got pages and pages of very cool machines and block transport pipes, etc.

Some of the stuff we plan on adding:

  • Energy Generation
  • Block Transport
  • Metal alloys
  • Cosmetic blocks
  • Construction aids (blueprints and projectors)
  • much much more


TechExpansion is created by: The_Puzzlemaker, and dadarkgragon.


Visit my website and YouTube channel!

Website Youtube


Roadmap for TechExpansion (Based on priority of time):

  1. Add tools and/or armor to 1.10 and 1.8
  2. Energy Generation with MiniVolts (an API I'm working on)
  3. Energy Transport and Storage with MiniVolts (as above)
  4. Item/Block/Fluid transport pipes
  5. Custom metal alloying furnace along with alloys
  6. Cosmetic metal blocks
  7. Other mod support (e.g. The One Probe, JEI, NEI, Metallium [soon])
  8. Much much more that I don't really want to all prioritize and list out right now



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