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    Dec 21, 2016
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(professorprospector) #releaseBuild
(professorprospector) remove more debug code
(professorprospector) Actually fix gems ore dict
(professorprospector) Fix red garnet drops
(professorprospector) Fix any other potential bugs with the gems or any other forgotten items from the great rename of December 2016. This day shall be known as the day that I have prevented more bugs from the 8 or so bug reports I have caused from a single line of code changed about a week ago. It was a shame that it had gotten so far, but this should make sure that it does not happen again. All ingots/gems/plates/dusts/nuggets/smalldusts now convert any camelCase input to snake_case before handling it. This is probably the longest commit message I have ever written. Closes #860
(professorprospector) Closes #861
(professorprospector) Fix block ore dictionary names
(professorprospector) Remove debug code
(professorprospector) Fix gem ore dictionary entries

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