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    Jan 15, 2017
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Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions

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  • 1.11


(ourten) Bump version, #releaseBuild
(professorprospector) Multiblock work, and industrial grinder gui
(modmuss50) Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/feature/containers-builder' into 1.11.2
(modmuss50) Fix jackhammer not breaking all rocks, closes #864
(professorprospector) Chemical reactor GUI & a couple recipe fixes
(professorprospector) Recycler gui
(professorprospector) useless range upgrade
(modmuss50) Add power net to profiling data.
(professorprospector) started with one thing...then I ended up doing a lot of shit.
(ourten) Fix tier1 machines hopper integration
(ourten) Fix recycler, Closes #887
(ourten) Fix some tiles update on clientside
(professorprospector) Electric Furnace gui!
(professorprospector) Charge bench GUI
(professorprospector) Generator gui!
(modmuss50) Added better checks to ore dict, Closes #894
(modmuss50) Update to support updated recipe format in reborn core.
(ourten) Remove comment
(ourten) Fix icon of SpriteSlot
(professorprospector) Revamp centrifuge jei support
(ourten) Change all containers init to IContainerProvider + Add Enum for gui ids handling
(ourten) Convert FusionReactor
(ourten) Convert IndustrialElectrolyzer, IndustrialGrinder and IndustrialSawmill
(ourten) Convert VacuumFreezer and ImplosionCompressor
(ourten) Convert BlastFurnace
(ourten) Convert MatterFabricator
(ourten) Convert RollingMachine
(ourten) Convert AlloyFurnace and AlloySmelter
(ourten) Convert Scrapboxinator
(professorprospector) Centrifuge stuff
(professorprospector) Only clear if id 0
(professorprospector) Make things better
(professorprospector) Merge branch '1.11.2' of into feature/containers-builder
(professorprospector) Fix batbox player slot positions
(professorprospector) Merge branch 'feature/containers-builder' of into feature/containers-builder
(professorprospector) Batbox gui overhaul
(ourten) Convert recycler + Fix slot indexes
(ourten) Convert AssemblingMachine
(ourten) Convert ChemicalReactor
(ourten) Convert Centrifuge
(ourten) Add JEI transfer support for ContainerBuilder + Convert Compressor, Extractor and Grinder
(ourten) Convert ElectricFurnace
(ourten) Convert IronFurnace
(ourten) Convert Fluid Generators
(ourten) Convert Generator + Add fuelSlot
(ourten) Convert MFSU and BatBox
(ourten) Add convenient energy sync method to builder + Convert MFE + Fix slots range again
(ourten) Fix shift slots range
(ourten) Cleanup some ContainerBuilder code

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