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Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions

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  • 1.11


(modmuss50) Bump version, #releaseBuild
(modmuss50) Load saw mill recipes later to make sure other mods have added their recipes before ours.
(modmuss50) Find sawmill recipes from all other recipes.
(modmuss50) Increase iron furnace speed
(modmuss50) Fixes #1036
(modmuss50) Fixes #1023
(github) Merge pull request #1039 from drcrazy/saw_mill
(drcrazy) Industrial Sawmill support for JEI done
(drcrazy) More work for Sawmill
(drcrazy) Initial commit for Insdustrial Sawmill JEI support
(github) Update
(professorprospector) Fix axes I broke
(professorprospector) Axes extend ItemAxe Fixes #1027
(modmuss50) Fixes thermal generator crash, closes #972
(modmuss50) Some more improvements to the power net.
(modmuss50) Fixes crash when gem tools are disabled, closes #1008
(modmuss50) Fix Industrial Grinder getting stuck at 100%, closes #1004
(modmuss50) Machines no longer explode when they receive too much power, they just smoke. Fix a crash with the power net.
(modmuss50) Experimental changes to try and fix some issues with the power net.
(modmuss50) Added a creative panel, it provides infinite power and has no recipe.

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