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    Apr 14, 2017
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Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions

  • 1.11.2
  • 1.11


Added upgrades to all machines
Sign jar

Full commit log:

(modmuss50) #releaseBuild
(modmuss50) Merge branch '1.11.2' of into 1.11.2
(modmuss50) #releaseBuild
(professorprospector) Merge branch '1.11.2' of into 1.11.2
(professorprospector) Bump version to 2.2
(modmuss50) Fix matter fabricator uses scrapboxs when full (#1052)
(modmuss50) Fluid textures for cells (#1051)
(modmuss50) Spelling fixes in config and localized AverageEuOutTickTime (#975) (#1050)
(modmuss50) Fixed Nuke lang and added Tooltips header (#1048)
(professorprospector) Texture changes
(modmuss50) Add warning when mod fingerprints are invalid.
(modmuss50) Remove unused classes
(modmuss50) Fix build
(modmuss50) Sign jars
(modmuss50) Added power teir upgrades.
(modmuss50) Textures and lang files for the new upgrades.
(modmuss50) Drop upgrades when machine is broken, shift right-click to add into machine.
(modmuss50) Finished the gui, and start work on adding support for the furnace.
(modmuss50) Add the basic gui for side configuration
(modmuss50) Allow the upgrades to be right clicked when in the gui.
(modmuss50) Finish off the rendering for the upgrades.
(modmuss50) Added basic push and pull upgrades
(modmuss50) Add energy storage upgrades.
(modmuss50) Update to work with major RC changes.
(modmuss50) Some more work on the upgrades.
(modmuss50) Got the upgrades working, just need the textures.
(modmuss50) Update mappings to fix crash with FMP
(modmuss50) Add FMP to gradle in prep for the cable rewrite.
(modmuss50) Add example speed upgrades.
(modmuss50) Fix curse tools task always running
(modmuss50) Looks like I missed a place where it was being used.
(modmuss50) Remove old upgrade handler to make way for the new one.
(modmuss50) fix deprecated warning in gradle.
(modmuss50) Update Gradle to 3.5
(professorprospector) A few texture fixes and hide source blocks
(github) Update readme to new jenkins urls.

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