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    Jun 27, 2018
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(drcrazy) #releaseBuild
(drcrazy) adv/diamond electric tools charge rate buff (#1558) (Kudos to YuRaNnNzZZ)
(drcrazy) Removed unused imports )
(modmuss50) Fix incorrect usage of item stack checking
(drcrazy) Shift for more info on powerbar. Closes FTBTeam/FTB-Continuum#261
(modmuss50) Remove range upgrade as it didnt do anything
(drcrazy) Speed up items charge.
(drcrazy) Fix crash with non-TR items charge.
(drcrazy) Fix for Assembly Machine JEI GUI progress. Closes #1555
(drcrazy) More formatting changes.
(drcrazy) Fusion reactor consumes resources. Fixes #1551 (#1556)
(drcrazy) Lot of formatting.
(drcrazy) Updated OC version.
(drcrazy) Fixed water mill animation.
(drcrazy) Fixed charging \ discharging items items. Closes #1547
(drcrazy) Corrected the ADVANCED_JACKHAMMER recipe (#1553)
(drcrazy) Made batteries charge configurable for non-basic batteries.
(professorprospector) Add Silk Touch to the rock cutter in the recipe and creative tab, so it's more obvious of what it does
(professorprospector) Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/1.12' into 1.12
(professorprospector) Remove accidental refined diamond
(modmuss50) Fix #1546
(drcrazy) Updated wrenching logic for energy storages and casings. Closes #1543
(drcrazy) Updated wrenching for lamp and alarm
(drcrazy) Updated wrench logic for cables.
(professorprospector) New ore textures
(professorprospector) Merge branch '1.12' of into 1.12
(professorprospector) Merge branch '1.12' of into 1.12
(drcrazy) Updated block wrenching
(drcrazy) Fixed inventory drop for DSU. More work on #1543
(github) Update
(drcrazy) Fixed build, but DSU blocks are not done yet.
(drcrazy) Updated wrenching logic. Some work for #1543
(prospector) Unify creative tabs
(prospector) Merge branch '1.12' of into 1.12-v2.16
(prospector) Add a gradle task to output libs
(drcrazy) Fixed unused and override warnings.
(modmuss50) Test commit

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