Oxygen: Teleportation

This mod is aimed to provide the most convenient way to teleport across your points of interest. The Teleportation menu opens with "Y" key.

This is for both server and client.

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  • ability to create camps - private world points for your individual usage.
  • ability to set favorite camp and teleport to it with key press ("H" by default).
  • ability to invite other players to your camps.
  • ability to create locations - public world points, which will be synchronized with every player on server.
  • ability to teleport to any player on the server. Players will have special privacy profiles: free (any player can teleport to you at any moment), request (players will need to send special request to you and you will need to accept it to allow teleportation) and disabled (no one will be able to teleport to you or send request) which will define teleportation behavior.

Mod features can be configured with "teleportation.json" file located in ".../config/oxygen/teleportation/" directory (will be created after first game start).


Some explanation for configuration and other available on GitHub Wiki.

Latest Update: 0.4.2a (requires Oxygen Core 0.6.0a)

  • Removed 'downloaded' icon for locations, created by other players.
  • Fixed impossibility to disable favorite camp keybind from server.
  • All GUIs will be closed on player teleportation context action usage.

To create and manage location points you will need special privilege (permission). There are default group, designed for operators, which posses all privileges to use teleportation features with no limits. To promote player to this group use command "/privilege promote -group operatorsGroup -player <username>". More information about groups management will be available with future releases. Privileges is a part of Oxygen Core mod.


This mod requires Oxygen Core.

Attention! WIP, project is in early state.

Oxygen Mods is absolutely safe for worlds and players data.

Smooth Font mod recommended to improve text quality.

If you expirience crash on game startup or server/world join, remove "oxygen" folder from root game folder before game start.

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