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    Oct 18, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10



+ Advanced Chimneys
+ Carpenter's Blocks
+ Astikoor [Horse Carts]
+ Redstone Paste
+ Garden Stuff
+ Chisel
+ LittleTiles
+ More Materials
+ MalisisDoors
+ Big Doors
+ Login Shield
+ Underp Hangables
+ Updated TFC scales
+ BetterFPS
+ Glass Shards

> Added Port to server listing to fix some issues for people.
> Added more meme.
> Changed sleep % to 90 to avoid people getting food and water nuked unless most people agree.
> Added recipe to fix blue steel hammer head not working press.
> Added recipe for sandstone.
> Added recipe to grave stones for decorating. (Name can be set with an anvil)
> Added HC black steel to black steel in press.
> Added Zombie flesh back in.
> Added recipe for rail craft crusher.
> Cleaned up all uses of vanilla bricks and converted them to TFC bricks.
> Fixed all clay block recipes to make sense.
> Cleaned up and added missing recipes for decoration blocks from RailCraft.
> Added recipe to blast bricks from IE.
> Added Wool block recipe.
> Changed Insulated glass recipe.
> Fixed a typo in some arc furnace recipes.
> Fixed IE weapons damage scaling being too low.
> Added crafting recipe to convert TFC to Vanilla flowers.
> Added conversion recipe for TFC bone meal to vanilla.
> Cleaned up dye oredic and vanilla flower -> dye recipes.
> Removed recipes for vanilla dye.
> Changed recipe for Trackman's Notepad.
> Finished cleaning up Bibliocraft recipes.
> Changed Treated stick recipe.
> Attempted to fix all the 'invisible recipes'.
> Added blast furnace recipe for Graphite ingots.
> Hid vanilla name tag from NEI.
> Added End stone recipe.
> Added Blast furnace recipe for charcoal.
> Removed some extra dye recipes.
> Added new light blue dye recipe.
> Removed Railcraft crusher bone -> bone meal.
> Fixed IE Crusher bone -> Bone meal.
> Added Double ingots to metal press.
> Added Double sheets to metal press.
> Disabled HoloInventory on Biblio map frames.
> Fixed Rock Salt Mud Brick name.
> Fixed White Elm Case name.
> Fixed Sycamore Case name.
> Fixed Sequoia Tool Rack name.
> Fixed Reading Glasses Googly Eyes name.
> Fixed(ish) some rails missing a name.
> Added recipe for packed ice.
> Added recipes for horse armor.
> Fixed Liquid light blue dye name.
> Hid vanilla seeds.
> Added Cooking with TFC seed bags to seedBag ordic.
> Added press recipes to make unfired clay molds. (You must press the steel part with a steel ingot for it to work!)
> Hid Clay dirts.
> Hid Farmland.
> Added Bottling recipes for bottle-able TFC fluids.
> Changed Bibliocraft Atlas recipe.
> Added Arc furnace smooth stone recipes