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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10


1.1.5 changelog:

-Added a new research tree starting with "Planar Theory" and unlocked after researching voidmetal and node transduction
-Added golem animation powder
-Mirrored amulet now drops its component pearl when the wearer dies
-Warped Tumor can now contain permanent warp
-Spider Climb and Chameleon Skin can be toggled
-Fixed alchemite crashing servers
-Fixed milk and potions dispelling self-infusions (you will not need to re-infuse yourself; they will be applied automatically)
-Fixed soul sieve not inserting sand into inventories
-Fixed issues involving logging out inside a curative vat
-Curative vat now has actual durability
-Fixed crashes caused by placing evanescent blocks in Creative (you will need to delete the offending block manually in MCEdit)
-Fixed third-party aspects crashing the Seroconverter GUI
-Fixed Runic Hide infusion