Highlands Update - 0.2.0


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    Mar 29, 2019
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


This release is incompatible with old worlds.  Please make sure you are using the latest recommended Forge version for Minecraft 1.12.2.

- new: Never before seen mobs have been added! Featuring, Skyroot Lizards, Glactrix, and Varanys.
- new: As part of our work of adding updated versions of old Aether mobs, we've added Phygs to the Forgotten Highlands.
- new: Work on a new status effect system has been started! Go out and start min-maxing yourself.
- new: The Traveler's Guidebook has been implemented with basic functionality
- new: Say hello to the new player trading system! You can now trade items with other players.
- new: Hover text is now displayed when looking at an interactable entity or block
- new: Gravitite Ore now floats upwards in ore-generation
- new: Added Lizard on a Stick item
- change: Adjusted dialog lines referencing Eggnog
- change: Caves no longer generates on island coasts
- change: Disable the performance indicator by default
- change: Improve the generation of cracks in the Irradiated Forests
- change: Improved Winter Hat model and item textures
- change: Improved how the Forgotten Highlands generate
- change: Modified how ice veins generate
- change: More enemies spawn the deeper a player goes into an island
- change: Poison darts now apply a toxin status debuff
- change: Removed seperate inventories for the Aether dimension
- change: The XP bar is no longer hidden by default in the Aether
- fix: Updated OrbisAPI to fix a critical crash on single-core CPUs
- fix: Add missing Wildcard JSON models and textures
- fix: Allow NPCs to be killed by void damage and commands
- fix: Do not generate trees into the ground
- fix: Encouraged Aerclouds to not generate underground or in structures
- fix: Fixed Ambrosium Ore rendering as a fully-lit block and not blending with adjacent stone blocks
- fix: Fixed Everglade mispelling
- fix: Fixed an end-of-the-world scenario that can occur when mobs get stuck on Aerclouds
- fix: Fixed bug that was causing biomes to not be picked randomly
- fix: Fixed issues where structures would generate with scrambled blocks
- fix: Fixed many compatability issues with SpongeForge
- fix: Fixed some issues where items couldn't be sold properly in shops
- fix: Fixed some issues with Tile Entities in blueprint data
- fix: Hiding the XP bar no longer offsets other GUIs
- fix: Holiday sales now only affect holiday items in shops
- fix: Interacting with vanilla Cows has been fixed
- fix: Leaves in generated trees now decay
- fix: Moa and Kirrid hitboxes now behave correctly
- fix: Placing Moa Eggs in survival no longer crashes the game
- fix: Smoothly animate the Aether Teleporter in-game
- other: Reduced size of image assets (2.0MB -> 0.9MB)
- performance: Avoid allocating arrays in BlockVariant#hashCode()
- performance: Avoid excessive BlockPos instantiation when ticking grass
- performance: Avoid generating ores into known empty sections under islands
- performance: Avoid repeated BlockPos creation during biome decoration
- performance: Do not schedule block updates when replacing stone blocks
- performance: Don't notify observers when placing blocks during the population phase
- performance: Observers are no longer notified when placing blocks during the population phase or when generating structures
- performance: Reduced memory allocations as much as possible in generation
- performance: Remove excessive `IBlockAccessExtended#canAccess` checks in floor decoration generators
- performance: Remvoed all usages of reflection and replaced them with AT rules
- performance: Rewrote structure placement conditions to be far more efficient
- performance: Significant speed improvements to Irradiated Forests generation
- performance: Significantly optimized cave generation to reduce unnecessary duplicated generation
- performance: The Aether now ships with the Phosphor lighting engine, which brings a 4-5x reduction in world generation
- performance: Use WorldSlice to perform block lookups/modifications quicker when generating population features
- performance: Use simpler blockstate matching in ore generation
- performance: Use the XoShiRo class of RNGs for world population
- refactor: Saplings have been broken up into multiple item IDs