The Agricultural Revolution



The Agricultural Revolution is a mod primarily focusing on giving the player a wider variety of food stuffs, and some additional cooking appliances for processing these new foods to make them more beneficial to the player. There is also an additional buff (with lots more planned) and other bits and pieces to make the Minecraft cooking and farming experience more realistic.


WARNING: if you are planning on updating the mod from 0.8.9 or before to 0.9 it will not work on old worlds



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Renamed Salt ore to rock salt
Re-textured salt ore
Added separate salt block
Fixed graphics issue with Auto Fisher
Bushes should collapse under they own weight correctly
Logger now harvests smarter causing less wasted blocks
Fixed issue with Infused Glass Rendering
Network pipes now have a cheaper recipe
Fixed issue with hydroponic Block rendering
Fixed rendering of items in hand
Palm trees no longer destroy blocks when they grow
Mod ID has finally been changed from cookingplus to agriculturalrevolution
Happy Harvest Bots no longer ignore the meta of items
Processor Mold Guide no longer gets consumed
Processors removed from loot table of Abandoned Farmhouses, Underground Cornucopias and tropical Huts

-Added alternate recipe for iron trapdoor


-Golden Happy Harvest Bots now drop correctly when broken


-Network Pipes have been made cheaper to craft


- Palm Leaves no longer start dying to palm trees

- Leaves now render correctly for fancy graphics

- Leaves no longer decay when they are placed by a player


- Happy Harvest Bots are now able to use other mods chests as storage. (Tested on iron Chests and works fine)

- Config text changed to better reflect whats needed in whitelists

- Added config to allow all seeds to be dropped from tall grass

- Added config to remove any crafted items from Abandoned Farmhouses, Cornucopias and Tropical Huts



- Brick Ovens are now longer able to make stacks of 64 cakes


- Hoppers and Pipes are now smarter when inserting items into a Brick Oven

- Brick Oven Recipe Forcing is more Precise

- Added White list config option to add recipes that the brick oven has missed using either the unlocalised name or the ore dictionary of what would be the resulting item.

- Hydroponic Block Can now accept modded crops / seeds if it thinks they are compatible with the way it works. If you find this is causing crashes, there is an option to disable this.

- Added White list config option to add seed to the hydroponics block using either the unlocalised name or the ore dictionary of the seed. This may cause a crash if the seed is not compatible.

- Salt Block now has Ore Dictionary of "blockSalt"

- Added config option to allow the salt block to be crafted with any other mods "dustSalt"

- Added config option to help debug adding items to the white list for brick oven transfer

- Added config option to help debug adding items to the white list for the hydroponics block


- Bushes, Vine Crops and Hydrophonic Blocks no longer spew items randomly when right clicked.

- Brick Oven JEI Recipes now correctly depicts that you get Cake Tins, Bread Tins, Cupcake Trays etc back when you cook the relevant mixes


- Brick Oven can be automated with hoppers now

- Added config option to force all food recipes from the furnace to use the brick oven instead. (This is intended to affect items from other mods that add food)



- Setting spawn rates in config to 0 will no longer causes a crash

- Added config option to disable copper/zinc and salt ore from spawning

- Increased fuel time inside brick oven
- Sheet Press can now be automated with hoppers

- Fermenter can now be automated with hoppers


-Bamboo Block Models



-Bamboo Block item models
-Bamboo item models
-Network pipe item model

-Hydrophonics block can now harvest beetroot

-Added farm house to more biomes
-More Pottery schematics
-Gatherers can now gather pumpkins , sugarcane and melons


The Power of Crystals Update:

The Power of Crystals update adds a new energy system to power your happy harvest bot and all its machines thanks to the power of crystals which can be found underground. Along with the crystals, the update also adds another resource, uranium ore, which is used in one of the new machines, the Mutation Station. The Mutation Station can be used to mutate seeds and fish eggs into different breeds which can provide a variety of different resources. Another new machine is the Fish Tank which allows you to breed fish easily.

The New Basic Setup:

The New Fish Tank:

New Decorative Blocks and Ores:

New Mutation Station:

New Machines:

Different Energy Levels are Coloured differently:

New Crystals:


The Happy Harvest Bot Upgrade Update:

The Happy Harvest Bot Upgrade Update adds new machine for your Happy Harvest Bots to use including the Logger to cut down trees, The Laser Mining Drone Bay to mine the world and Bot Speed Enhancers to give your Happy Harvest Bot a Boost. Also included are two new ores,Copper and Zinc ore to make new items needed for these new machines. You can also upgrade your slow dumb regular Happy Harvest Bot into a fancy new Golden Happy Harvest Bot to improve its speed and to deposit items smarter, no longer will it vomit items when its chests are full thanks to its new more powerful Gold Processors. The mod is also now compatible with JEI (Just Enough Items) and you can view recipes for all the machines including the Butter Churn, the Sheet Press, the Brick Oven and the Frying Pan. Finally there are numerous fixes which were long needed.

New Bot Range Enhancement

Network Blocks have been replaced with nicer but equally colourful Network Pipes

New Logger Machine

New Laser Mining Drone Bay

New Bot Speed Enhancer

New Planter Machine

New Zinc and Copper Ores

New Golden Happy Harvest Bot

New Desalinator Machine

Fixed Item Block Models

- Fixed Item Block Models for Tile Entities
- Fixed Null Exception when Bamboo Leaves Drop their drops
- Fixed Certain config options not being used

- Happy Harvest Bot now has a new recipe

New Blocks:
- Zinc Ore
- Copper Ore
- Golden Happy Harvest Bot
- Desalinator
- Laser Mining Drone Bay

- Logger

- Planter
- Bot Speed Enhancer
- Bot Range Enhancer

- Golden Bot Speed Enhancer

- Golden Bot Range Enhancer

New Items:

- Zinc Ingot

- Copper Ingot

- Zinc Sheet

- Copper Sheet

- Gold Sheet

- Zinc Wire

- Copper Wire

- Vinegar

- Battery

- Gold Processor


The Grand Automation Update:

The Grand Automation Update adds new ways to automate harvest of the majority of your crops, from vanilla vines, to strawberry bushes and red corals, the new machines which act as an attachment to your Happy Harvest Bot will help him automate all that for you. It also introduces two new magical crystals, the Light Crystal, which lights up a very large area around itself, and the Sky crystal, which allows you to teleport to it using a Blink Crystal item. Another addition is the Bot Network Block allowing you to connect hundreds of chests up to as many Happy Harvest Bots that you like. There are also many changes to make things less RNG.

New Abandoned Farmhouse Structure:

New Auto Fisher Attachment:

New Auto Gatherer Attachment:

New Light Crystal:

New Nether Tangle Plant:

New Picker Arm Attachment:

New Sky Crystal:

Change Log:
- Fixed Saplings despawning when they fail to grow.

- Reduced the drop rate of all Pottery Guides.

- Add new system to craft Pottery Guides by using the new Pottery Schematics.

- Added a way to craft both Mysterious Orbs and Processor Molds.

- Changed the Structure of Abandoned Farmhouses.

- Abandoned Farmhouses now contain a double chest so double the loot for everyone.

- Slightly increased the chance of a slot in an Abandoned Farmhouses chest having loot.

- Added recipes for Kiwi and Mango juices that were previously missing.

- Only herbs that are placed by a player can spread by default now.

- Added Config option to turn on and off both player placed herbs spreading and naturally spawned herbs spreading.

- There is now a rare chance that a Hydrothermal Vent will spawn outside of Deep Reef biomes.

- Renamed Mod from "Cooking Plus" to "The Agricultural Revolution Mod".

- Added ore Dictionary support for many items and blocks.


Magic vs Science Update:

The new Magic Vs Science Update adds a variety of blocks and items to help make your farms faster and more efficient. The new Hydroponics Block will allow you to grow more crops in a smaller space. Only got one chicken? no problem, the new cloning vat will allow you to clone him many new friends. The Happy Harvest Bot does away with having to harvest your hydroponic blocks as he will happily harvest and replant the crops for you. The new Growth crystal will speed up the growth rate of any crops around itself and the new Water Crystal will provide an endless supply of Water orbs which can be used to place water anywhere you like. On top of this, the update adds two new crops, Rice and Prickly Pears, and adds avocado trees. There is also a new tool, the scythe, these will allow you to clear a 3x3 area of crops, grass or leaves quickly.

New Blocks:

New Avocado Tree:

New Items:

Food Science At Work:

New Rice Crops:

New Prickly Pear Crops With Growth Crystal:

- Mushroom biomes should no longer override ocean biomes.
- Adjusted spawning of water biomes.
- Increased chance of looting a Mysterious Orb.

- Decreased chance of salt blocks spawning.

- New Config Options
- Hydrothermal Veins now drop silicon dust as well.


Tropical Update:

The new tropical update adds two new biomes, the tropical hills biome and the deep reef biome. There are also several new tree types such as palm, banana and kiwi and some delicious new ice creams to make with the new saucepan and ice box.

New Tropical Biome with hut:

New Items:

New Blocks:

More New Items:

New Deep Reef Biome:

- New Bread Dough Texture.

- New Cake Batter Texture.
- Coral Rock should no longer devour trees or carve into other biomes too much.
- Drying racks has had anger management and should no longer hurt the player.
- Minecraft steve has given up his bowl eating habits and now only eats the soup of beetroot soup.
- Herbs can now be used with the pestle and mortar to acquire their leaves.

World Generation:

Abandoned Farmhouse

Spawns randomly in orchard, bamboo, forest, plains and mountain biomes. These are half destroyed buildings which spawn with a chest inside with a handful of seeds and other helpful items.


Bushes spawn randomly in orchard, bamboo, forest, plains and mountain biomes. They can be any of the bushes present in the mod and spawn in clusters between 1 and 5 blocks.


Salt blocks spawn randomly like ores do underground.

Orchard Biome

A forest like biome filled with fruit trees and bushes.

Bamboo Grove Biome

A hilly biome filled with bamboo stalks.

Herbs spawn alone in orchard, bamboo, forest, plains and mountain biomes and will spread over time in daylight.

Underground Cornucopia
Underground Cornucopias spawn randomly in caves, with a glowstone roof, grass floor with a chest in the middle filled to the brim with various goodies, and surrounded by plants.

Coral Reef Biome
Large Underwater coral reefs that spawn a variety of corals and also underwater ship wrecks.

Kelp Forest Biome
Large underwater biome filled with kelp and also underwater ship wrecks.

These spawn underwater in Coral Reef and Kelp Forest Biomes where the sea is deep enough. they sometimes come with chests with goodies in.

Deep Reef
A deep underwater coral reef willed with giant corals and lava vents, some filled with lava, others with rich hydrothermal veins.

Tropical Hills Biome
A desert like biome sparsely populated with palm trees and the occasional banana and coconut tree. Tropical huts also spawn here occasional and are filled with similar loot to abandoned farm houses.

Nether Tangle
A large plant-like struture that spawns in the nether.





Known Bugs:

- Some versions of NEI seem to mess with tile entity refreshing when using the highlight tool tip of NEI causing blocks to flash or change direction (e.g. Happy Harvest Bot, Brick Oven)
- Crummy graphics cards seem to make the GUIs dark (could just be my crummy test pc).
- Food does not make noise when you eat it
- Well Fed Buff does not work

- Dropped items appears overly large


How you can help:

If you have tried the mod, any feedback would be appreciated either positive or negative.
Tell your friends about the mod.
Participate in polls on what should be added next.
Leave comments on your own thoughts on what should be added next, if you're lucky it could be added.
Add this mod to your modpack. You're more than welcome to use this mod for both private and public modpacks as long as you have a link back to this thread.

Make a mod review, and if its up to scratch have it featured in this thread.


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