The Cactus Mod

Ever wanted to use cacti for more than just making green dye?



I don't know why you would want more uses... But here you go.

This mod adds cactus tools, armor, blocks and food.


Some of the mods blocks/functionality

Cactus Chests: Have the same storage as normal chests but voids it's inventory over time.
Cactus Hopper: Basically a cheap hopper but it will also slowly void it's inventory over time.
Cactus Dispenser: Has no inventory, Shoots spikes.
Cactus TNT: Instead of breaking blocks the Cactus TNT shoots spikes in all horizontal directions.
Cactus Carpet: Hurts mobs when touched. Won't destroy items laying on top until they are 2 minutes old.

Cactus Bricks [stairs/slab]: A cactus colored brick block.
Cactus Door: Basically a door. But hurts to interact.
Carved Cactus: Decorative cactus version of the pumpkin look.
John O' Lantern: A Cactus version of the Jack O' Lantern.

Cactus Cake: IT HURTS TO EAT!!!

Cactus Cart: Faster/cheaper than normal minecarts.



Cactus Golem: A cheaper cactus version of an iron golem.
Summoned by creating the usual Iron Golem structure but using Prickly Iron blocks instead of Iron Blocks and carved cactus/John O' Lantern instead of the pumpkin.

Cactus Snowman: A more painful version of the regular Snowman that shoots damaging spikes.
Summoned by placing a Carved cactus/John O' Lantern on top of 2 snow blocks.

Cactus Cow: Basically a cactus version of the Mooshroom. Spawns in desert biomes (spawn can be disabled in config)
Cactus Creeper: Like a normal creeper but instead of exploding and breaking blocks they shoot spikes in all horizontal directions.


This mod was written for ModJam 5.


For questions feel free to join my Discord.

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