The Erebus 0.2a


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    Jan 31, 2015
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10


**Added New Dungeon to Volcanic Desert **

Added New Dungeon Mobs and Drops.

Added New Dungeon Related Items, Blocks, Spawners etc.

New Boss Fight and Drop.

Lava Lakes and Rivers added to Volcanic desert.

Added New Titan Stew Food Items.

Added New Rhino Armour set.

Added some sounds to various mobs.

Added Cabbage Crop and Food Item.

Made Special Armours Stronger with More Durability

Start of French Lang File

**Many fixes of old issues and general maintenance (sorry list too long and boring to include everything)**

Titan Beetle and Hornet hit box and attack range reduced.

Water Strider Boots crash fix.

Giant Mushroom bonemeal derp fixed.

Fixed dungeon loot enchanted books not having an actual enchantment.

Config added to turn off Mobs Emitting Light (Glow-worm and Swamp wisp).

Config added to remove Glowshrooms from world gen (to improve performance on older hardware).

Fixed Leeches attaching in Creative Mode.

Lots of code refactoring and 'under the hood' changes.

Other mod compatiblity issue fixes.