The Gods Are Watching

Modpack is a work in progress, pre industrial quests are up!


I may be a little over generous with my rewards, this can be changed.




You awake, alone, everyone and everything you once knew is gone. All that remains are now empty cities, a cruel reminder of what was.


You are well versed in the technical and the eldritch, will you be able to survive?



This started as a personal pack with an emphasis on harder survival and exploration while including several mods I had minimal exposure to in the past. 


The emphasis is on several tech mods with a few choices for logistics. Players will need to use buildcraft gates and some redstone wizardry to do complex automation before they get into the AE2 age. Forestry multifarms are back (and encouraged) as well!


Hardcore darkness and tough as nails make this pack tougher than vanilla survival, nights are something to be afraid of again! There may be some mob difficulty mods added in the future so be warned! Pneumaticraft and IE have turrets (hint hint)...


The magic side of this mod is completely WIP, they are there for you to experience and free to explore.


The goal of this pack is to make you think about your machinery setups, explore the world and to grow your power. Be warned though, the elder gods are watching...




  • Build magic quest paths
  • Add in AE2 and buildcraft quests
  • Complete novice tech path and move to advanced



V1.2.1 I think I'm done tweaking recipes. Draconic Evolution is gated to endgame for draconic gear and requires progression through the major tech and magic mods. I need to complete the quest book for references/guidance (and some "story telling") but the core of the pack should be the same!


V1.2 You now require advanced rocketry to advance in Abyssal Craft. This will be explained in the questbook (eventually)… I'm hoping to work more on this and get some idea of what I want to do for recipe modification going forward. It's shaping up, just haven't had time lately. 


V1.1.2 Did a bunch of tweaking, added a bunch of magma crucible and fluid transposer recipes to the bottling machine and the foundry. Extended the quest chain to actually have some tech and reaaaally early magic.  


V1.1.1 Added Immersive Cables!!!!!


V1.1: Added early questline, from punching trees to first steel. Trying to gate progression beyond steel so be aware, you're going to need it! Added in simple ore generation, ore generates in veins now so you'll have to go searching.


Please use TLC /w BOP and the Jinxrare setting when you generate a world





Mods Used


Using /u/jinks' lost cities' config. Recommend you start a world with TLC using JinksRare settings (Thread found here)


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