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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


First alpha of Lost Cities 2.0.0:


  • New floating island cities
  • New sphere type worlds. There are three variants provided: biosphere (jungle spheres in a wasteland), waterbubbles (floating city spheres partially submerged in water), and space (floating city spheres in space)
  • It is now possible to disable highways and railways completely
  • The 'space' landscape type (used for sphere worlds) have the ability to use a child profile for the outside of the spheres. This is used by waterbubbles and biosphere)
  • It is possible to completely disable the automatic generation of spheres and only use predefined spheres (configurable in the asset system)
  • City spheres can have totally different biomes compared to the outside landscape
  • In the new landscape types the player will always spawn on a valid spot. Either inside a sphere or on a floating island
  • New monorail system to connect city spheres
  • Nicer profile selection gui. You can now see a small preview of the world you are about to create as well as a more verbose description