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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8




  • Note: it is recommended to remove all Lost City configuration files first!
  • Limit cellars in biosphere/wasteland so that we don't accidentally generate cellars into the void (causing crashes)
  • Better error handling in case chunk generation causes a crash. A proper error will be put in the log indicating what chunk went wrong and some data about that chunk
  • New 'isbuilding', 'issphere', and 'inbiome' conditions. These conditions can be used (for example) to control loot. Using this you can make sure that loot in the wasteland is different from loot in the spheres
  • The API has been expanded with new support for the spheres
  • New configuration option to specify a spawn biome for the player. When this is present Lost Cities will find a spawn spot for new players that matches the given biome. The 'biosphere' profile uses this to make sure that the player always spawns inside a sphere
  • Experimental new 'cavern' landscape type. This is similar to how the nether generates but then with regular stone and biomes. The height of this landscape is limited to 128 and there is a bedrock layer on top (like the nether). The 'cavern' profile that uses this new landscape type is by default configured so that buildings have torches in them and parks are lit up. This helps for safety and making sure there is some light around you. Note that this remains a dangerous profile and also slightly heavy on performance
  • Added more optional torches to park parts to make the cavern type profile slightly less dark
  • Lost Cities is still a mod that doesn't have to be present on clients. So you can use servers with this mod and let vanilla clients connect to that server. However, if Lost Cities is present on the client then there are now additional configuration options that you can set per profile. Options like the height of the horizon and the color of the distance fog
  • New configuration options to avoid foliage of all types. You can now avoid mushrooms, flowers, trees, and so on
  • The 'dontconnect' meta flag for parts will now also avoid generating doorways for floors that are adjacent to a street outside section or the top of an adjacent building