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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8





  • New landscape types:

    • Floating: this landscape type generates floating islands on which cities (buildings and streets) can generate. This landscape type is likely not suitable for general overworld play because villages and strongholds are not generated by default. This profile can be useful to set as a type for the Lost City dimension or for specialized packs
    • Cavern: a nether-like world going up to 128 with bedrock on top. Cities generate in big caverns. This type of map is very dark and dangerous but otherwise useful as a replacement for the overworld. Good luck surviving the first days though
    • Space: in this landscape type there are big spheres that generate through the world. These spheres can contain cities (but not always) and can optionally be connected with a monorail system. The landscape outside the spheres can be configured as well. There are three example profiles using this landscape type:
      • biosphere: spheres containing jungles and cities and the outside world a wasteland with very badly damaged and ruined cities
      • space: spheres floating in the void connected with monorails
      • waterbubbles: spheres floating in a huge ocean connected with monorails
  • New configuration possibilities:

    • It is now possible to completely disable highways and railways
    • There are a few new client side configs for fog density, color and the height of the horizon. These configs only work if the client has Lost Cities installed as well
    • Worlds using 'space' landscape type have an optional secondary profile that is used for the outside. That way the landscape in the spheres can be totally different (including different biomes) from the landscape outside
    • New configuration options to avoid foliage of all types. You can now avoid mushrooms, flowers, trees, and so on
    • New configuration option to avoid the vanilla fossil generation. Useful for void type worlds
    • Supports for bridges and highways are optional and disabled in void style worlds
  • New asset system options:

    • The 'dontconnect' meta flag for parts will now also avoid generating doorways for floors that are adjacent to a street outside section or the top of an adjacent building
    • It is possible to define predefined spheres and disable the automatic generation of spheres. Useful for modpack makers. Every predefined sphere can have a different set of biomes
    • New 'isbuilding', 'issphere', and 'inbiome' conditions. These conditions can be used (for example) to control loot. Using this you can make sure that loot in the wasteland is different from loot in the spheres
    • It is now possible to use loot tables on dispeners, hoppers, shulker boxes as well as chests
    • It is now possible to use torches or light sources from other mods and have Lost City orient them correctly based on where they are placed
    • Added the ability to specify local named palettes in parts now
    • Cleanup the palette a bit. All rails are now in a separate palette. Keep this in mind if you were using those in custom assets
    • New 'nowater' boolean metadata for parts to make sure the ~ (air/water) never generates water even if under waterlevel. Used to avoid water in monorail system
  • Spawns and teleportation:

    • It is now possible to make sure that players spawn in a certain biome, in a certain predefined bity or in a certain predefined sphere
    • When spawning in a void type world Lost Cities will make sure the player spawns on solid ground
    • When teleporting to a void type Lost City world (using the bed+skulls system) Lost Cities will find a valid spot to teleport too. In addition Lost Cities will teleport the player back to a spawn bed if it can find one
  • Various:

    • Nicer profile selection gui. You can now see a small preview of the world you are about to create as well as a more verbose description
    • Better error handling in case chunk generation causes a crash (can be caused by invalid configuration). You get a log entry telling what chunk caused the problem and some information about that chunk
    • The API has been expanded with new support for the spheres
    • Added more optional torches to park parts to ensure that the new dark level types (like cavern) are a bit more playable