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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8



  • allowedBiomeFactors and generatorOptions were in the wrong config category! Be careful when updating and make sure to move the options if you did custom changes!
  • New strategy option to generate translated biomes in case you want to limit the biomes in a world. The default strategy is 'original' but if you select 'randomized' it will try a more random distribution so that more biomes get a chance to be selected. If you chose 'varied' then it will be more sloppy about detecting what biomes are the same or not
  • Add sanity check in case a biome is not properly registered to the biome registry
  • Registered the Lost City loot tables to the loot table registry
  • New 'singleBiome' config option to specify that city spheres should only have a single random biome
  • The monorail crossing will now correctly be empty too (no water/rubble in it). Just like the other monorail parts
  • ILostSphere.getCenterPos() will now return the correct center position (with y level set correctly as well)
  • If you set the 'spawnSphere' config to '<in>' then the player will always spawn in a sphere. If you set the config option to '<out>' the player will spawn outside a sphere
  • If the 'debug' config option is set to true palette statistics as well as biome translation statistics are dumped to standard output (log file) at startup
  • New 'manualBiomeMappings' configuration option to manually override how some biomes map to others. This can be used in combination with allowedBiomeFactors to get more control over the final distribution