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Jurassicraft is a modpack based around the mod Jurassicraft 2, a Dinosaur and park building mod! To help enhance the experience, we have added a few new mods that add many new building blocks and building potential, technology mods to help increase ore production and resource gathering, and simple mods to help Minecraft work for you.


This modpack is no longer supported. The server has been shut down due to the Jurassicraft Development Team issues. More info can be found here: CodyRex - Twitter

Issues with the Curse Launcher Pack? Try the Technic Launcher Pack and see if that works better!


Want to join our community? Download the modpack and come join us on the server!

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Want to help the Server and the Jurassicraft Mod Developers? Donate to our Patreons!

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The Official Jurassicraft Modpack was previously owned by the Epoch Network under zeustorm11, who no longer is actively working on the Jurassicraft server and no longer has the funding to keep it alive. I was the Head Administrator of that server so I decided to take up the server and revamp the entire thing.


The Jurassicraft Dev Team for the Mod have made the DragonPeas Network their Official Modpack and Server on July 1, 2017 by Hyperion, Co-Leader of the Jurassicraft Development Team.


Modpack is updated, managed, and maintained by the DragonPeas Network.


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