The Purple Garden: A Garden of Glass Modpack



This modpack was designed for a Let's Play series for PurpleMentat and to go on his Patron server. It is focused on the new Botania skyblock option called Garden of Glass. It also has a lot of blocks that builders will love. And finally, it has Pam's Harvestcraft because... Barlock. ;)


This pack is no longer supported. Leaving it here for posterity. Please check out my other packs as there are many great 1.8.9 mods out there now and my new modpacks focus on those.


How to Install

You need to use the Curse Voice application which has support for Mac and Windows. It's located at

We are working on ways to easily install it on Linux. This will get updated when that happens. For now, check out this:


How to Play

So, are you lost on how to start playing this pack? Or maybe you need some refreshers? Go watch PurpleMentat's Let's Play of it. Here's a link to his playlist:


Server Admins

Please disable Baby Animals Model Swapper, ArmorStatusHUD, StatusEffectHUD and Default World Generator. Those are client side only mods. 

To spread the players to their own island, use the command Vazkii included with Garden of Glass: /botania-skyblock-spread 

It can be used in a command block like so:


List of Mods




(+ = Added, - = Removed, c = Configed, u=Updated)

+ Namroc's Bag of Holding (for island reset and joining other islands)
- ChiselTones (keeps causing errors that are affecting the server and latest update is broken)
u Archimedes'
u Bibliocraft
u Botania
u Carpenter's Blocks
u CraftingTableIV
u DecoCraft2
u ElecCore
u ExtraUtilities
u GardenStuff
u MalisisCore
u MalisisDoors
u MineTweaker3
u Modtweaker
u NotEnoughItems
u Pam's Harvestcraft
u Storage Drawers
u Tails
u Waila Harvestability
- SoundMuffler ++ (Not working as intended)
- Ye Gamol Chattels (Ummm... Yeah.)
- Butterfly Mania (Was fun while it lasted)
+ ExtraUtilities (only the following items are enabled: Colored Blocks, Decorative Blocks, Sound Muffler, Glove, Paintbrush, and Trading Post)
c Changed recipes for water barrel, stone basin, clay jug, and brick well from Pam's HarvestCraft to include 2 water buckets (No early water) -itanshi
c Added back vanilla colored wool recipes -itanshi
u Botania
u Chisel 2
u DecoCraft2
u GardenStuff
u MalisisCore
u StorageDrawers
+ SoundMuffler ++
+ DecoCraft2
+ Tails
+ Opis
+ Modtweaker
+ Minetweaker
+ ArmorStatusHUD
+ StatusEffectHUD
c Removed recipe for string using cotton. (Can still plant it... just can't do anything with it.)
c Removed recipe for Garden Soil from zTones (which was named cleanDirt in the configs. Seriously?)
c Added the ability to create chisel Marble and such with Botania
c Removed recipe for wool from YGC flax. (Once again, can plant, just can't use.)
c Vanilla recipes now show properly in NEI. (Changed the inpure core configs)
+ ChiselTones (recipes for zTones no longer needed for all blocks)
+ Default World Generator (locked to Garden of Glass)
+ Morphesus (for servers)
+ ServerTools (for servers)
+ Whitelister (for servers that use a text based white list instead of a JSON one)
+ Butterfly Mania (for fun)
u BliblioCraft
c Removed Diamond Dolly from Jabba
c Removed spawn eggs from Harvestcraft Market.
c Raised material cost of the animal bait recipes
c Disabled Harvestcraft custom fish
c Removed zTones items but kept blocks



+ Ye Gamol Chattels

+ Archimedes Ships Plus

- Cosmetic Armor



+ Release





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