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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2


This update/hotfix is an attempt to finally kill all the bugs in the 1.4 overhaul of the pack.




"/bq_admin default load"


Otherwise your quests will not update!


The 1.4 changelog is below, obviously some things are different now but most of the changes are still apparent in the pack as well as these additions in the toast update


- All reported bugs fixed

- Quest book is out of edit mode

- Sleeping bags added

- Elevators added



The Simple Life 2 (Version 1.4)


Version numbers not available on Curse (Used in testing)

1.3.7 – Mods added and removed

1.3.8 – Custom Recipes Re-write

1.3.9 – Quest Overhaul


Thanks to all the community members that tested the pack in this transition.



Make sure to use this command in-game to update the quests for the new version! “/bq_admin default load”

Many custom recipes have been added, tweaked and removed. Always check JEI!

You will receive a huge notice that various blocks have been removed. Testing has shown that pre-existing worlds will continue to run with no issue but make sure to back-up your save beforehand just in case!

I would recommend resetting your Mining World to get the most from the updated blocks


Mods Updated/Rolled Back

Journeymap (1.10.2-5.4.7)

Vanilla Automation (1.10.2-1.6)


Mods removed





Ender Flowergirls

Hopper Ducts

MMD OreSpawn


Nether Metals

Simple Barrels

Simple Quarries

Wooden Shears

Vanilla Automation


Mods Added

AI Improvements

Arche (Gated by Quests/Recipes)


Block Drops (JEI Addon)

Custom Achievements

Dense Ores

DrCyanos Wonderful Wands & Wizarding Robes (Gated by Quests/Recipes)

Extra Alchemy

Farming for Blockheads

Fence Jumper

Flux Networks (Gated by Quests/Recipes)

FoamFix (Anarchy)

Improving Minecraft

More Materials

Progressive Automation

Xnet (Gated by Quests/Recipes)

Super Circuit Maker


Configuration Changes

New Main Menu design to match branding for 99Blocks as a developer

Enabled Mob Seeds through Botania Rituals

Added Modded Ores to DenseOres and enabled Retrogen

Changed Sleep Message when players wake up

Disabled Wooden and Stone Automation in Progressive Automation

Re-Configured Lootbags to drop more varied items, removed old mod items and added new mod items


Bug fixes

Changed Custom Main Menu Background/Layout

Re-Introduced Amosathar custom Minecolonies designs

Re-designed Quest Book Layout using “Auto” GUI scaling to make sure all quests are accessable.



Custom recipes

232 Custom recipes in total (Check JEI!)

Mods with recipe changes

Agricraft - 9

Arche – 4

Astral Sorcery - 1

EnderIO – 7

Environmental Tech – 6

Flux Networks – 1

HarvestCraft – 13

Immersive Engineering - 16

Metal Plates - 22

MineColonies – 2

Mystical Agriculture - 76

Natura – 1

Super Circuit Maker - 1

Tinkers Construct – 3

Vanilla – 23

Vending Blocks – 1

Waystones – 1

Wonderful Wands - 24

Woot - 13

Xnet - 7

Ye Olde Tanks - 1


Quest Changes

19 Chapters in total

629 Quests in total

The Simple Life – 19 Quests

Hunter Gatherer – 65 Quests

Storage Solutions – 38 Quests

Tinkering Around – 19 Quests

Cooking for Kings – 32 Quests

Mayoral Duties – 40 Quests

Gadgets & Gizmos – 17 Quests

The Industrial Age – 39 Quests

Gaia’s Power – 39 Quests

Grand Designs – 15 Quests

Starlight! – 29 Quests

Modern Machines – 35 Quests

Mastering Flight – 19 Quests

Wands & Wizardry – 41 Quests

Essence of the World – 58 Quests

AutoMagic – 46 Quests

Futuristic Journey – 12 Quests

Bloodthirsty – 38 Quests

Containment & Control – 28 Quests


Known Bugs

The Immersive Engineering Multi-Block rendering in the book will crash the client. This is an error with Java, not the mod or the pack. -

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