Twilight Forest - MC 1.12.2 - 3.8.654


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    Aug 18, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8



  • Added a Quadraxis to the team, A great addition to the mod.
  • Added Auroralized Glass.
  • Added actual Castle Brick Stairs, literally the sequel to Jesus.
  • Cicadas can now be shot from an Immersive Engineering Railgun. You monster.
  • Added the Skylight Forest.
    • Skylight Forest is a skyblock variant of Twilight Forest with only structures generating on their own little islands and everything else as void.
  • Parrots can now mimic any and all mobs in the mod. [PartyParrot]
  • Added the Scepter of Fortification
    • A new scepter dropped by the Lich that summons five (5) shields around you that each block a hit.
    • Progression advancements each grant three (3) shields that don't decay over time.
  • The Naga Can now be dazed if it rams a blocking shield with its charge attack, knocking you both backwards in the process.
  • Giant Tools now have a longer reach.
  • The uncrafting Table is now compatible with shapeless recipes. It totally didn't become twice as broken in potential!
    • It can now also cycle through multiple recipes in case of conflict.
  • Added tool shaders for Immersive Engineering with their own rarity, these include: Twilight, Firefly, Pinch Beetle, Snakestone, Mazestone, Underbrick, Towerwood, Carminite, Auroralized, Ironwood, Steeleaf, Knightly, Fiery, Final Castle, Cube of Annihilation, Questing Ram, Naga, Lich, Minoshroom, Hydra, Knight Phantom, Ur-Ghast, Alpha Yeti, Snow Queen.



  • Reworked the Druid Huts completely.
    • Druid Huts are no longer the number one fire hazard in the forest.
  • /tffeature now can locate structures and can use tab-completion for so.
  • Phantom Armor when worn is now kept on death.
    • It also cannot be enchanted with Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing anymore.
  • Improved handling of items displaced by a Charm of Keeping, should be more reliable now.
  • Tweaked Axe damage and speed values to better match vanilla.
  • Blacklisted surface lakes from some of the biomes.
  • Mobs like Deer, Boars, etc. are now unable to spawn on the Glacier.
  • The Minoshroom's charge attack now breaks through blocks.
  • Spiral Bricks are now in the creative menu.
  • Maze ceilings now always generated if there is no terrain.
  • Strongholds are now marked as clear on the last Knight's death.
  • Tweaked the Synergy tool trait.
  • There can now be multiple portal activations items specified in the config.
  • Twilight Saplings can now be used as Furnace fuel.
  • The Encased Firejet and Smoker now count as a wood material instead of stone.
  • Arctic Fur Blocks now break faster with shears.
  • Fiddleheads now require Shears to harvest.
  • The Lich's shields are now proper 3D models instead of two textures loosely glued together.
  • TF now registers its TEs under our own namespace, not the default. We have a datafixer that handles the transition, but once updated to this version the datafix is irreversible.



  • The file TFFeature has been split up into separate files, a massive improvement for large pregenerated worlds.
  • Players can no longer spawn on top of the portal which would teleport them back into the overworld right away. Good lord that was annoying.
    • Improved a lot of the logic relating to the Twilight Forest portal.
  • Fixed an issue with Trophy Pedestal progression where it didn't unlock after the Lich.
  • Remeasured the sizes of goblin's feet. Their boots should render on and fit them again.
  • The Seeker Bow now actually, you know, seeks again.
  • Fixed crash related to getting localized names of saplings on servers.
  • Removed a redundant language key in the Forgotten Explorer book for Yeti Caves.
  • Fixed Minotaurs dropping Magic Map foci instead of Maze Map.
  • Fiery tool heads now correctly have the missing Twilit and Flammable traits.
  • Changed the grip on the Moonworm Queen to be more comfortable, now correctly holding it as a tool in third person view.
  • Fixed a portal generation issue where it would generate underwater.
  • Added a null-check to tile entity access, fixing a crash with Mystcraft.
  • Cleaned up Bauble handling code, fixing console spam.
  • Fixed the blockstate rotations for Castle Brick Stair variants.
  • Fixed the lighting on some of the stair blocks.
  • Fixed incorrect level cost being shown for some recrafting recipes.
  • Giant blocks now correctly tile their texture.
  • Fixed a lighting issue on Fiery Blocks.
  • Portals are now prevented from generating inside of structures.
  • Refactored Naga Courtyard code, hopefully fixes generation issues.
  • Alternate Naga Courtyard Terrace pieces now generate again. #BlameDrullkus
  • Fixed a crash with the Uncrafting Table by adding some more checks.
  • The Fiery Pickaxe now correctly smelts every item a block drops if it drops multiple.
  • Fixed a Repeater in the Dark Tower not repeating what should be repeated, with delay.
  • Giant Leaves are now correctly tinted in inventories.
  • Fixed Uberous Soil not generating at the correct height.
  • Fixed the Snow Queen marking the wrong structure conquered on death.
  • Fixed the Charm of Keeping effects.
  • Setting the game to peaceful now correctly has the Snow waifu Queen put her spawner back.
  • Snow Queen minions now correctly spawn inside of the boss room during the fight.
  • Giant Tools are now held in a more human like fashion.
  • Firefly, Moonworm, and Cicada no longer use Soul Sand as their breaking particles.
  • Fixed the texture auto generator only processing first texture in array.
  • Lampposts can now generate again after several years. Neat.
  • Large mushrooms should no longer piggyback on top of each other.
  • Seeds even with only numbers were being used as seeds to make a random number seed instead of directing being used as a random number seed. Confusing, we know!


  • Hotfix: Fixed a crash that happened on dedicated servers due to the new IE shaders.