This mod is intended for use on modded servers to help prevent server overload due to overflowing farms. It will remove items on the ground if a configured Threshold is met!


Please feel welcome to use this mod in your modpack! I would love it if you did!



- Checks items on the ground and sends players a warning when it hits a specified number.

- Removes items on the ground after specified maximum number is hit. 

- Notifies players that the threshold has been hit and gives them a configurable amount of time to collect valuables that may be on the ground


- New in 1.1!! Enable or disable a blacklist, and add specific items to it to control what items are removed when the threshold is hit.


Please make sure your players are aware of this mod. They need to be extra careful not to break an inventory containing more items than you set your threshold. They will lose them if they don't pick them back up fast enough!


***This mod was written with a specific community in mind. However, I have made it greatly configurable for this to be beneficial for just about any server!***



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