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Supported Minecraft 1.9 Versions

  • 1.9

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8
  • Java 7


2.3.1a: Hotfix for servers crashing


Major 1.9 release, not for 1.9.4! Requires Mantle 0.10.1 and Forge 1907!

Changelog includes changes of 2.3.0 alpha, but new changes are at the top



  • (Temporary) book containing tool materials and modifiers! Materials and you is back!
  • Slimeballs and gelatinous slime have funny effects again
  • Horse armor melting
  • Recipes for the seared stone variants
  • Added hit effects to some weapons and damage types
  • Stairs and Slabs for decorative blocks
  • Drains show their holes on all sides
  • New soulbound and sharpening kit textures
  • Rapiers and Shurikens are back
  • Redstone can now be applied to weapons too. It increases attackspeed
  • Drying Racks are back...
  • ...and they brought their decorative friend, the Item Rack
  • Shovels and Excavators can now create path
  • Many bugfixes and some additional recipes/tweaks
  • That one JEI feature where it displays recipes for a certain thing


  • Grout giving wrong amount of seared stone when melting it down
  • Reduce magma and blue slime spawn rate
  • Fix nether ore gen on Sponge servers
  • Performance-Fix for toolmodels
  • Some fixes/adoptions to smeltery structure detection (+ lags with redstone)
  • Fix some tools applying their effect even when broken
  • Fix blue slimes not dropping blue slimeballs
  • Fix battle sign blocking using wrong hand